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  • barbagallo gearing

    ive got a 15T front sprocket on a 07 cbr600rr doing 66's

    just wondering at what lap times a 45T rear sprocket setup going to to run out of speed?

    and whether i should just go a 44T or 45T rear sprocket?

    was going to go straight to 44T but is a 4 week wait and a 45T is next day wait.

    thanks Brendon

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    From what I gather the fast guys seem to run -1+2. the bike already has the +2 on the rear so maybe just go -1 on the front. Should be perfect then.


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      I've have the 15T front and tried rears at 42, 43, 44 and 45. 44 is what I found to be the best. Many other 07/08 CBR600RR riders use that 15/44 combination. I found the 45 had too much engine braking and slowed down my corner entries ... 43 didn't give me enough drive in 4th gear.
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        i know its your old bike haha but you sure it has +2 on rear? the sprockets on at the moment are 15t front - 42t rear, im sure thats only -1 +1?

        found a old thread though and think ill see how 45T rear goes EDIT: ill be going 44T

        cheers scott


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          15 45 will get ya down to 60 sec laps give that a crack when ya get there change to 44.... use third in each of the main corners turn 1 basin and 7 as ya start if ya get in a dice with a couple of others ya may need 2nd to get out of the corner with them... hope this helps ya


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            ok thanks


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              Just had a look. 15/44 on mine too.

              I use 2nd gear in turn 1, while most use 3rd. I find I can't get on the gas quite as early this way, but get good drive when I do crack the throttle. I find I'm grabbing 3rd just as I begin heading left from T1, then almost imediatley short shift to 4th before flicking right again to crest the 2nd half of the esses.

              4th through left and skyline, all the way to the basin, although I sometimes tag the limiter here.

              Back to 3rd for the basin, 6th just after cresting the hill (I use the gear change to bring the front wheel down after it wheel stands)

              3rd in T7.

              Up to fourth on the front straight, again sometimes just tagging the limiter, then back to 2nd for T1. I find this helps me slow up for the entry, allowing greater engine braking than 3rd, meaning I feel I can brake further around the corner without loading the front wheel
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