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Flaggies Needed For A 4+2 Event Saturday 30th November.

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  • Flaggies Needed For A 4+2 Event Saturday 30th November.

    MCRCWA in conjunction with the WA Sporting Car Club are holding a 4+2 (bikes + cars) event on the 30th Nov and we really need some help with flagging and recovery crews for the bikes only.

    Bikes will be on track in two blocks, 9.40 to 11.00 AM for practise and qualifying.

    Racing from 12.20 to 3.00.

    We will only be trackside at those times so you will have plenty of time to stroll the pits and have a chat with the riders or watch the cars if that is your thing.

    The Classes will be, Superbikes, Supersport and Superstock combined and Clubman 600 and 1,000 combined..

    Each class will have 3 races of 8 laps.

    Lunch and refreshments supplied and I'm sure a coldie or two will be on offer at 3.00

    As usual PM your full name and phone no or email address and I will make sure your name is on the gate for free entry.

    Any questions, post them up.



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    In looking forward to the Clubman 600 and 1,000 combined
    race great viewing watching fast 600s taking on slow 1000s even better track side


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      If I'm not helping out in VRT pits I'll wave a green flag (and hopefully not others)


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        I'll be doing recovery for the WASCC but feel free to come say hi. I could probably pick up a flag during the bike racing blocks if need be...


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          About time I gave something back... pencil me in.
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              I will be there, flag in hand (if they let me
              1199s, HP4 and a very forgiving wife.

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                Originally posted by HPfour View Post
                I will be there, flag in hand (if they let me
                You're in, just let the office or me know so you don't have to pay at the gate.


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                  In x 2! Will bring along a mate visiting from the "old country" too. He's a smart bloke - might be able to give him a flag position after training in the morning.
                  aka Matt
                  RB 2 11


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                    Thanks Matt, at this rate he may well be chief flag marshal after lunch!

                    C,mon guys and gals, this is the last meeting of the year, how about some of you racers who are not racing in this event giving something back to your club?

                    Please remember to provide your details to the office or PM me as the gate will be run by the Sporting Car Club and we need to get your names on their free entry list.
                    I can not refund out of MCRC coffers after the event this time.


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                      I'm in for this.

                      I haven't heard from the club what time to sign on?


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                        Flaggies Needed For A 4+2 Event Saturday 30th November.

                        Good on ya Tash, sign on is 9.00 ( 7.30 for key officials).
                        On track at 9.40.
                        Might not be time to get a pass mailed out but I will make sure your name is on the gate.

                        Edit, I'll post up the schedule tonight.


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                          Here it is.

                          Marshalls briefing at at 8.45 in McCracken House

                          09.40 P1 Superbikes
                          09.54 P2 Supersport/Superstock
                          10.08 P3 Club 600/1,000
                          10.22. Q1 Superbikes
                          10.36. Q2 Ssp/Sst
                          10.50. Q3 Cl 600/1,000
                          11.05. Saloon cars 5 laps, we may need to stay out for this one.
                          11.15. Lunch supplied by WASCC, ( usually a good lunch)
                          12.30 R1 Sb. (All races 8 laps)
                          12.47 R2 Ssp/Sst
                          13.04 R3 Club 600/1,000
                          13.21 R4 Sb
                          13.38 R5 Ssp/Sst
                          13.55. R6 Club 600/1,000
                          14,12. R7 Sb
                          14,29 R8 Ssp/Sst
                          14.46. R9 Club 600/1,000.

                          That concludes the bike racing and is followed by the Sedan Super Cup - Wanneroo 300 which is a 125 lap race if anybody wants to hang around and watch.


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                            Nice start time i will get Richard Baker to cook some B+E pies


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                              [MENTION=28240]Old frt[/MENTION]: PM sent
                              aka Matt
                              RB 2 11