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  • Back to the track!!

    Hi all,haven't been to the track for about 6 years and I'm booked with champions on the 22nd of this month,I used to do a lot of track days and a little bit of racing(was doing 66s before I stopped).so I'm wondering how long it should take before I get back up to speed? I booked into group 2 to be on the safe side so I'm also wondering if I find it too slow will I be able to move up easily? Any other advice about being away for such a long time is also appreciated,cheers!

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    Tyres are much better now - the track surface is much worse.... Just take it easy and follow people around at a comfortable speed- remember that most people tend to learn more at 80% effort than flat out. If there is room in the higher groups they are usually ok with people moving up if necessary.


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      Turn left turn left turn left then right then left then right then left then right then right then right.
      Repeat from the first right again and again until you have had enough.
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        Thanks mate,do you mean the surface is worse because of bumps or just less grip?


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          Less grip - 6 years ago was only a couple of years since the 2005? resurfacing. It hasn't been resurfaced since so I assume the grip level was a bit better back then.