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Supersport Suspension (cbr600rr)

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  • Supersport Suspension (cbr600rr)

    I have been thinking about possibly getting some new suspension for my cbr600rr 2010 and was wondering what people would recommend as a starting point.

    I am light so I currently have very little that I can do with the current suspension.

    I have heard that Dyno Time is the place to get it setup but I have no idea what the differences are between brands. What does everyone run in their bikes?

    (My current suspension is working for now but I think it could be worthwhile sometime this year)

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    It is best to exceed the limits of your current suspension before you spend good money on modified components.

    A quality rear shock is a good start though and i use K-tec as it has bypass control so you can change the spring and not have to get the shock revalved.
    They cost about $1400.

    Forks these days are quite good and all i have done is use the correct springs for my weight and set the airgap during installation to the desired amount. No aditional valving just ajsufted.

    Mine is an 07 R1 and it works great, but I'm sure some honda people will tell you if the CBR forks are any good out of the box.

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      The typical brands:
      Ohlins, Ktec, Penske, White power etc... Look around to see what the pricing is like, I have heard good things about the new white power stuff recently.

      Personally I have Ohlins - TTX Mk2 rear shock ($1500ish) and 32mm cartridge kit on the front ($2k) definitely one of the more expensive ways to do it. If it wasnt on the bike when I bought it, I would have just kept the BPF's (already a really decent fork in stock form) and maybe got a bit better shim stacks / valves in there. Would still have got the rear shock though (or equivalent K-tec / WP etc)

      Either way - make sure you have the correct weight springs on your bike for racing. If not it will make your std suspension look alot worse than it really is.


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        Supersport Suspension (cbr600rr)

        Russell from dynotime does great things with the CBR rear shock.
        He knows that model well and gets them fairly bang on. Same with the fork, a set of springs to suit your weight up front and get him to re shim the shock and forks and it will be a whole tonne better for a budget price. (Do forks first if you can afford only one or the other)

        Mine still runs standard forks and shock that's been re shimmed and valved with racetech gear by him and its good for 60's. Yes it's budget gear and it's possible if I spent thousands on other gear I may gain a tenth or two but then again..... I might not.

        If budget was not an issue there is a really nice K-tech cartridge kit and a rear shock that I always drool over. I've also heard real good things about WP for the CBR as well.
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          After a year of tuning my stock suspension (front and rear) Russell has done the racetech good valve conversion front and rear, it is so close to the best it has been I am afraid of getting a new rear shock and having to tune again. But my suspension is not perfect, I still struggle to get the bike turned in quickly mid corner, I don't know enough about suspension yet. Any ideas what to do to get bike steering in? Don't want front to wash out though so not going to drop the forks. Perhaps a rear spacer?
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            Supersport Suspension (cbr600rr)

            Besides the obvious lower the front preload or raising the rear.

            Shorten the wheelbase?
            Depends if you can though see where it sits in the swing arm, there could be options with sprocket sizes and chain length.
            Just area to possibly look at outside the box.

            It gets confusing real quick you could drop the triple clamp a couple mm to get a sharper steering angle and faster turning but then crank up the preload to take the weight back off the front as you were worried about.
            Then don't forget that'll affect your rebound setting and now my head is hurting because I don't really know what I'm on about.
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              Thanks everyone you told me exactly what I needed to hear. Looks like I will call Russel and see if I can organise the correct springs for my weight.


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                Another option is to get the Ohlins package deals from Super Bike Toy Store, Sport Bike Track Gear, Moto Mummy etc online. For about $2300 you'll get a set of 30mm cartridges and a TTX rear delivered to your door. The springs will be set up for your weight.
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