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  • Another Tyre Question - Ridedays

    To the Coaches out there!

    I am booked on my first MCRC Group 2 for Sunday. The question is, on my rear tyre I have plenty of meat on the sides but only 2mm in the centre of my road 3 (due to freeway commuting), heaps on the front. Due to myself being a Novice and not expecting to go through tyres should I just suck it up and change them? (I'll change front and rear at the same time).

    Cheers for the advice and mods sorry for starting a new thread you can move it if you wish.

    I should also note that I was told there will be no tyre change facility on the day so don't really want to be told I cannot ride on those tyres.

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    If in doubt, change em out. That's my attitude to 99% of things on my bike, the racetrack is no place to try and squeeze the last few km's out of a set of tyres they are the main thing keeping you from binning your shit.


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      I'm not too worried about the amount of rubber left (will have a lot of km's left on the front and most of the rear). Only the centre of the rear is close to the indicator (2mm) but to save worrying on wether it'll pass scrutineering maybe I'll just change them and keep the set as a spare. Cheers El Toro


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        mine are ruffly the same as yours tread wise, look at the shape of them i noticed today mine have flat spots. im not a racer but i would think tyre shape makes a difference? not 100% sure though
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          No probs yes it makes a difference if the tyre is squared off it affects turn in at speed.


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            Yep it's going to feel like the bike falls over quickly when you tip in, not sure if its going to affect you to badly, that really comes down to your skill level. Just be ready for it and accept it and learn what is happening before pushing it in the early stages of the day. Chances are the profile might be a heap better by the arvo anyway!


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              Tyre profile will effect your bike's handling more than anything else.

              If you are already in doubt and asking the question, chances are you should trust your gut instinct and replace them. The track isn't really the place to get the last few km out of your tyres, or the last few mm of brake pads use.

              Without seeing the tyre first hand, it's difficult to say yay or nay. But the pace in Grp 2 can still get up there, and tyres are one thing I wouldn't be second guessing.

              You can always keep your old rubber and put them back on to get more commuter miles on them.
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                Highside city as you come onto the power.


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                  Cheers Gents, taking them down today to get changed.
                  Would be good for something stickier than the road 3 on the rear too.