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  • Todays Race Report

    Well what a day! more so for us Novice (first timers) 8)

    For the experianced Ben, the day did not start well, Had problems with the R1 (battery went flat) and getting used to riding the old bike, would of been nice to of used the Gixxer 1000 but it is not ready yet. But as Ben said, he was chasing track time.

    For us newbies, the shining light was Gohan 8) practice was great for Gohan and Zipdrive, Gohan fastest lap was a 62.51 thats a great effort, while Zipdrive best lap was a 64.8 that to was a great effort. For myself I was struggling, bike set up was up the shit with tyres chewing up and with the bike drifting wide mid corner, hence lap time down 2 seconds a lap, with my best practice session being 67 sec with average being 70 sec :oops: After playing around with set up I was able to drop times to 65 sec to 66 sec mark.

    For Zipdrive the start of race one was a horror :shock: he stalled on the grid and I know I just missed him, from there that was the last we saw of Gohan he pushed on to win by 14 / 15 sec and pretty much did that for all three race's, Well done Gohan 8) your truly was able to knock off three 2nd place results, so I was really happy with that more so with the brake problem I had :oops: on 3 to 4 ocassions I lost brake travel so the lever hit the bars with no resistance :evil: that problem with the front wheel locking, not good!! While loading the bike on the trailer we found the braided brake lines leaking :oops: this would explain the brake lever problem. As for Zipdrive he finished 11 in race one, due to stalling problem and 5th in race 2 and 3 8) thats pritty good concidering the poor starts he was having.

    All in all it was a great day, with some good experiance for us newbies 8)

    I will put some results up tomorrow 8)

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    Good work today guys, I am guessing zipdrive was the guy between you and gohan Calvin?

    Hi zipdrive
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    2, Always know what you're doing
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      what can i say guys,that was an awsesome day.thanks to all the forum members that turned up,great support and thanks to mad max 01 for helping out.makes life alot easier when you got someone there to put the bike on stands the morning i thought the bike was handling great until i looked at the rear tyre after qualifing.had a moment on turn one,left the track and noticed the rear tyre was getting chopped up.did what everyone else does at the track and had the tyre rotated so the good side was on the RHS.worked a treat,didnt slip on me.all in all,the day turned out well.cant wait for the next race meet.


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        Hey guys, was great to come up and see ya'll. Must say Gohan, this season for ya is going to be a good one. Will be watching with baited breath mate, well done!

        Good to see everyone down there to, looks like there could be some good days at the track soon!

        Calvins 2nd placings are a great start mate, if the bike's not feeling right at the moment, just wait till you get that set up going! I can see another 1 or 2 seconds coming off for sure!!!

        See everyone there next track day!!


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          All i can say fellas is F*%king well done , it was great to see the PSB boys all doing so well and all staying upright ! great times and some really good starts (i know the boys were nervous!) sorry bout your start Zipdrive...but luckily you were missed by the riders coming thru.......not to sure how though !. Keep it up guys it's good to see !!


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            it was really lucky that i didn't cause any crashes at the start in the 1st race.
            I guess i went into panic mode when the bike stalled. By the time i started the bike again everyone cleared the 1st corner and i dropped from 2nd on the grid to 21st (last!!!)

            I managed catch up with back of the group towards the end of the 1st lap. then overtook 10 bikes during the 5laps left and ended up in 11th.
            in the 2nd race i fought my way through from 11th to 5th....
            then in the 3rd race had another bad start dropped from 5th to about 12th then fought my way back to 5th....

            overall i had a great day! and it was good to see PSB guys and gals at the track (BIG THANKS!!!), seeing familiar faces made a whole lot of difference and i wasn't as nervous after that....still stalled though...


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              Good work today guys, I am guessing zipdrive was the guy between you and gohan Calvin?

              Hi zipdrive
              Hi Ace!
              Heard you're pretty quick on the cbr


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                now i don't feel so bad when i stall me bike at the lights.... and i ain't in race mode...lolololol
                Good on you guys, it seems like it was a great Day. I was there for the tuning day but didn't get to meet any of you guys. might make a schedule for some sunday to come and meet you lot.


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                  Great results Calvin ,Gohan & Zip. Mad Max and I saw most of the races from Sporting car Club seats on the corner coming on to the straight. You guys ALL looked tidy and comfortable out there. Mad Max will be out there too next time on the 954. You all do PE proud. Hope the man give you a nice hat or something.
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                    Hey guys what a day. The ruslts speak for them selves. But congrats to all the boys for such a strong performance. I bet you did think use would end up with trophys hey? Any time you guys need a hand up at the track just let me know.
                    See what can happen when you come out ti play in the country!!!!!!
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                      Here is a photo I am getting from Brian,


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                        Awesome Calvin!
                        love the titanium sparkies!

                        Here's a pic of Gohan on Sunday


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                          Club Race

                          Awesome pic Calvin. You looked like you were having fun out there.!

                          Is this you zip?

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                            thats the zipmeister
                            Some say he eats sidchrome for breakfast

                            Some say he only showers on even days of the week

                            Some say he put an R1 motor in a coffee machine

                            All we know is he's Hewie.


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                              That is such an awesome pic Calvin, one to hang up in the living room :!:
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