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Race results 04/04/04 kings and stars

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  • Race results 04/04/04 kings and stars

    Seeing as calvin is away someone has to post the results and that looks like me as i have most of the results. Unfortunatley i didn't get the heat results for the od number bikes for the stars of tomorrow.
    We had Leroy(30), Ben(35), and Larry(52) competing in the kings of wanneroo.
    In the stars of tomorrow we had David(49), Scott(73) and Alan(151) in the odd heats. And Leroy(30), Larry(52) in the even heats.
    Qualifying for the kings
    Ben 9th 1:02.3275
    Leroy 11th 1:02.4392
    Larry 19th 1:07.1829 but crashed out . Not hurt but has a head ach.
    Qualifying for the stars
    Leroy 6th 1:03.6865
    David 18th 1:07.0991
    Alan 24th 1.07.8807
    Scott 28th 1:08.5619
    In the king of wannaroo the boys didn't do so well .
    Leroy had bike problems
    Larry crashed out in qualifying
    and Ben crashed out in the heats braking his collar bone. But ok
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    Leroy had some problems in the second heat of the star and was told he had to compet in the consolation race which he won but then found out he had qualified for the final.
    The stars final
    Leroy 5th 1:01.9470
    David 17th 1:06.1634
    Alan 19th 1:06.4111
    Scott 23th 1:07.9033
    out of a field of 40 bike so well done to all
    You can please some of the people all the time.
    All the people some of the time.
    But you can't please all the people all the time.


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      ok here's the race report from my end.
      I started the day with cold torn tyres that i used last tuning day, I had a brand new set ready for the qualifying and racing but didn't end up using it, from this i gained new experience in what the sliding tyres felt like especially on the left hander and out of the basin. This was a good thing actually, now i'm conditioned to the sensation of rear end slides.

      I also developed fear of oil and cement dust during practice and qualifying sessions and seeing riders fall all over wasn't helping. This slowed me right down and at some point i was blue flagged indicating i was about to be overtaken.. ok..that's i slowed a bit and stuck to the left on entry to the basin expecting a bike to fly pass inside of me....but nothing..hmmm..ok... so i just continues. Then later i found out that Tex was the one who was about to overtake me but nearly endoed into me as i pullover going into the basin, apparently there was a contact but my mind was elsewhere so didn't feel it.
      As a result Tex ended up in the sand pit, this was partly caused by inexperience on my part i should have held my line. but luckily tex was able to continue and was cool about the incident, thanks Tex, it was a big save. I'll leave it upto Tex to tell this story as he had a better view of it.

      During qualifying a rider infront fell and dropped oil going into the lefthander, must have cracked the casing. I saw the bike and the rider and dust settling down by the time i was entering the left hander. I went over the oil and the backend just came around and snatched back, ah shit...this is what a highside feels is going to hurt...i don't know how but the bike kept upright with my feet off the pegs and head banged into the screen, then i was taken for a long ride on the grass across the whole track.
      The session was red flagged after that and found out that the 2 riders behind me weren't so fortunate.

      In the 2 races before the final we had some good clean racing between us. And I kept the yamaha infront of the honda boys. here's one for the yamaha! And as always i was using my special trademarked launching techinque.

      after all that somehow i managed to qualify for the finals. strangely enough Tex and I exchanged elbows and fairings off the startline (Contact 2). Luckily we just bounced off each other and nothing more...but the race was redflagged on the 1st corner..2 or 3 guys went down.. this is a warzone i thought...
      Even more strangely, Tex and I bounced off each other AGAIN on the restart (Contact 3)... hang on, is he trying to tell me something?
      Anyhow, I seem to be always playing catch up... My starts are crap and I always see Tex and chookie rocket pass me during the start...and who knows where leroy was after he engages the warp engine. It's only the stinking smell of 250's that motivates me to get in front of them and move up the field.

      Overall, it was a great learning experience for me and had some good racing with the PSB boys.
      I wish Ben and Larry a quick recovery.


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        hahaha DAMN! Sounds like I missed out on quite the action packed day. Sorry I couldn't make it, but I had my sister's engagement party on Sat night so wasn't exactly feeling 100% the next day. I'll be sure to catch up with all the racing crew and show my support.
        Right now Im having amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think Ive forgotten this before.


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          what a day it was for me.first it was the tyre change.didnt handle to well.then it was the rear axel which crossthreaded.started the kings race but had to call defeat as the whole bike was shaking around,headshaking,going in a straight back in the pits to find the rear alex nut had come loose which gave it about a 4mm play in the rear.when i changed to a different tyre brand the tyres just didnt want to grip and the front started skipping on the left hander which wasnt very exciting at all.changed back to the pirellis and about to start the final heat of the stars and realilised the top damper bracket bolt had come loose.did the warm up lap and was then told i couldnt do the race because of duty of care.understandable but still pissed of.did the consolation race because of missing out on the others,won that which made up for earlier events.did the finals in the stars,entered in the second last grid and finshed in 5th.i was happy with that,just not happy with my stupidity earlier in the day.thanks to ben for lending me the axel from his R1 as if it wasnt for that,i wouldnt have been able to ride the rest of the day.i hope your doing well.what can i say about larry,lets hope its just a headache you got mate. :cry: see you guys at the next race day :twisted:


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            Sunday was a fantastic day !!! a great adrenalin rush and a fantastic learning experience. I started off fairly well in the practice and laped at 1.07.08 , just outside the 66s , but alas that was the last of those times i saw for the weekend ! went out for the 1st qualifying and got held up a bit , by the time i got past parts of the track were under yellow flag so times were pretty slow...hence the 1.08.5. went back in and then came out for a 5min qualifying session....ok time to go quick and see how i'd go , due to the different bikes and different power zipdrive and myself would take very different lines and different corner speed , i spent a lap and half behind him trying to find a way past, i'd get in nice and close only to watch him pull away over skyline......damm 1000cc bikes ! now i have to say , that zipdrive was holding back alot because once the race started he was leaving me for dead ! but anyway once he was shown the blue flag i set myself up to take a wide line into the basin and go around the outside of him. hmmmm it sounded like a good plan in the milli seconds that i had to come up with it, only problem was there was no way to tell zipdrive of my fantastic plan !! and thats where things went wrong , with nowhere to go around the outside i found myself braking [email protected]%king hard , so much so that the rear wheel was nice and high...well off the deck and i was still gaining on zipdrive , i ended up just hitting the back of zipdrive , my front went all expected and by the time i regainned control of the bike i was heading off the track , so i got off the front brake and rode the back brake into the sand , and the bike fell over when i was doing about 5kmphr , no damage to the bike or me , but my qualifying session was stuffed ! so i ended up 19th on the grid of just the odd numbers. both races went ok without to many problems , kept pushing my front wheel through and out of the basin which was a bit un nerving , made it to the back of the grid for the final and was just there to have a bit of fun , got a great start and found my bike magnetically atractted to zipdrive, once we bounced off each other then it was fine , until the first corner carnage of 3-4 bikes going down, managed to get around without incident and the race was red flagged , then had a mirror start to the re-start and bounced off zipdrive again ! sorry zipdrive , my fault i think !
            the day was great and most of us walked away smiling , hopefully ben bounces back from his injury and that it wasn't a major fault with the bike. Same for Larry , but i didn't even see where Larry went down , or when he went down.
            the weekend was one of the worst that the club had seen for accidents , 21 bikes in all went down , with a sidecar cartwheeling into the basin !! :shock: the're not sure what to put it down to , but it's going to make for an interesting season !! can't wait till the 2nd may !!
            thanks to all the boys that came out and helped me with the bike and the pit work , it made life heaps easier ! now i just need some hot chicks in skimpy clothes !!


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              Thanks for the detailed encounters fellas, makes for a real interesting read!

              Hopefully things will settle down a bit at the track from now on haha
              Right now Im having amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think Ive forgotten this before.


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                Two thumbs-up from the grandstand. 8)


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                  damn thats alot of reading.

                  Well done to all who entered. It was great to watch.
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                  2, Always know what you're doing
                  3, In failure of step 2 refer to step one


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                    reason for all the accidents: full moon weekend



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                      sure was entertaining to watch!

                      the ride up there was good fun too


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                        from the [email protected] list:

                        Larry is in Ward G71 Room 17 at SCG Hospital. He will be there at least
                        until Wednesday. He has two cracked ribs, a broken shoulder blade and a
                        broken shoulder socket. The socket needs to be pinned but they are not sure
                        how to go about it yet. He is very sore but otherwise in good spirits.

                        "Be safe"


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                          great racing boys!!

                          great day to watch, a fair bit sunburnt tho but will definately go up again...

                          Here's hoping Larry has a full and speedy recovery...
                          Originally posted by vk6hgr
                          My Hyosung couldn't do that speed if it was dropped in from orbit.


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                            yeah it was a good action packed days racing and it makes it much more interesting nowing some of the competitors....

                            Ride of the day would have to be Leroy's ride in the final that was awesome.

                            Endo of the day- Tex ( although I never saw it )

                            Rider most picked on - Zipdrive, Dave you need big shoulder pads so that it doesnt hurt when Tex " leans " on you

                            Not a good day for Larry and Ben Hope you are both back to normal soon...

                            what about Ben's brother Cameron ? he was flying. Never seen such agressive riding in a while ....


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                              fantastic day!!!!!

                              so much fun running around the pits trying to give hands to everyone that needed them. aswell as trying to sneak down into the dummy grid to take starting position photos :twisted: (me thinks we need team psb pit crew shirts cause the didnt believe i was a pit crew member )

                              even though i was just a lacky in the pits i learnt so much new stuff what with changing leroys tyres, adjusting tex's suspension, tightening this tweaking that, checking tyre pressures and wear ect.

                              Good to see the majority of our guys kept it upright. Ben and Larry get well soon guys you will be missed out there.

                              Can't wait till next time!

                              PS. tex how did the front feel after we adjusted the suspension the last time?

                              I'm the noob you all pwn!