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  • Thanks

    I would like to thank a few people for assisting me over the last three days. 8)

    As fellow racers would know it is hard work to load and unload bike, stands, tools and equipment, then take your bike and riding gear for scrutineering.
    Plus the general assistance with fitting and removing tyre warmers, bleed brakes and so on.

    So a big thanks to Dion, Tex, Dave and Prestige Honda for running parts etc urgently to me on Friday.

    The experience was worth millions and enjoyed every minute of it, and given the chance I'll do it again. 8)

    Thanks 8)

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    Well done!

    I could see how good it was, even today in the wet 8)


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      Congratulations on keeping the rubber side down all day, that's an achievement in itself with todays weather. Glad you enjoyed it man.


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        I enjoyed the wet better :? Had a hole lot of fun. 8)


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          The wet race in Superbikes was fun i thought. Came from my qualifying position of 29th and was up to 14th when i nudged the back end of a slower rider and it sent me into the sand trap in the basin. Was even looking at close to a top ten finish but you know what they say. THATS RACING!

          Hangin out for the next state round now!