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Crash At Raceway Today

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  • Crash At Raceway Today

    Hi all Anyone that was at the race track today would have seen a few big crashes...

    Just to let you know that the Big crash in the Superbike class where the one rider lost the front and took out 3 others including Josh Brooks...

    Josh Brooks was Heli Lifted to Hospital for a rutine Check up and now it has been published that he has a broken Pelvis (Ouch) but otherwise is Ok..

    I guess that means that he will be out for the next round next weekend..

    O well...

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    the latest i heard was that he potentially had some lower back injuries, but at this stage it was all looking promising for a full recovery. wasn't a great weekend for Josh , all up he came down twice in the superbikes and once in the supersports, once in the basin and twice into turn 7. his turn 7 accident in the race before was pretty spectacular with a 100mt slide on his back and his bike cartwheeling into the wall and fireballing as the fuel tank split. Turn 7 took a fair few scalps with 6 riders all going down in the first round of the superbikes when the rain started to fall. AMCN news has got some great pictures of the weekend and you can also see the pics of chookie sliding on his back :shock:


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      Yeh, I saw that .. damn


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        Yeah Brookes' was nasty... 3 bikes i think all lying together cant be good!!

        Says hopefully he'll be back on a bike before the nd of the year.


        As for chookies crash... DAMNNNN that bike looked sore :shock:

        Mannnn that last pic makes the bike look even worse :shock:
        I'm surprised that he didnt get hurt at all too!!! was a fast crash!!


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          jesus! is that a slapper from the crest or a front end lose on the brakes?


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            Yea, spoke to Chookie this morning, the bike is a total right off :shock: the rider he hit saw a yellow flag and slowed down :evil: as chookie was flying over the hill, because the other rider (red R1) slowed down / braked Chookie slamed into the rear of him, and the pictures tell the story. The rider on the Red R1 was banned from the rest of the race meeting.

            Just read an artical on Josh Brooks, he has a badly broken pelvis and will stay in Perth for another 2 weeks, he will have his pelvis plated in a weeks time and from there it will be 6 to 7 weeks before rehab. But they expect him on the track prior to season end. A bit of good news for the 20 year old :?


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              This is straight from the Motorcycle News Web site..

              Josh Brookes update
              June 28th, 2004 - By, Trevor Hedge

              Josh Brookes just rang in to say that he is likely to remain in WA for up to six weeks as his pelvis is broken very badly.

              He explained to us that the way his pelvis is broken often leads to severe blood loss due to major blood vessels in the area. Luckily he has not ruptured these but he will have to remain immobile for a week or two before the doctors will plate his pelvis at the front and the back.

              Josh said that he has been told that he can start to try and walk in around six-seven weeks.

              Obviously there will be a rehabilitation period following those procedures but hopefully we can see Josh back on a bike well before the end of the year.

              The response from the medical team at the track was immediate and everyone I have spoken to in the paddock was extremely impressed at the response time and procedures followed.

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                Great camera work, the refresh rate is so much higher than mine obviously. Amazing one bike can get totalled and the other doesn't even come down.

                As a lady who has had some pelvis issues herself (mind you mine were minor, no plating, just bed rest, and only one sided) I suffer from pain after cornering as the movement across the seat tends to seperate the pelvis as the ligaments that hold it all together are rooted from being stretched and strained from being smashed up. So I can only imagine how much pain and discomfort Josh is going to have once he CAN throw a leg over again (not easy that either, you lose a lot of thigh strength initially) And ladies have more flexible pelvis's to start with, poor bugger. It was a bit of carnage on the weekend wasn't it. Corner 7 looked a wrecking yard at one stage.
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                  Turn 7 just wasn't being friendly to Josh on Sunday. Did anyone else see his Supersport bike briefly burst into flames mid-air after he came off in the second race? :shock:


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                    Yep... I'd just put my camera down...
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                      That was three times down for Josh on Sunday. Third time unlucky :shock:

                      The supersport race with the flames was quite speccy as I was right on that corner spectating.

                      Hope he heals up and glad to hear no spinal injuries.
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                        I want to know if there's any pics of nashies almost highside, apparently pretty amazing that he held it together exept for taking a bit of an off road trip. He was on fire all day every time i saw him come into the basin he would pass someone same for Cam Bens brother passed everyone into the basin, 5th overall in superstock could say something good about Ben but I won't.