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Round 4, State Championship This Weekend.

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  • Round 4, State Championship This Weekend.

    A quick reminder to all that this Sunday (22/8/04) Road Racing returns to Wanneroo for round 4 of the WA State Championships.

    For the Local Forum boys this is a close contest with not much in the points table between the riders 8)

    with only 3 points between Calvin and Tex and Dave (Zipdrive) 19 pts off Tex, and Leroy only 5 pts off Dave and Alan (Chookie) 15pts off Leroy there is nothing in it coming in to the last two rounds.
    Leroy is expected to pick up good points this weekend and close the gap between Tex and himself, now that he has sorted out the new 04 R1. For the rest of us it's a matter of staying upright and picking up consistant points.

    In the Steel Blue Superbike Championship, Russel Nash and Stuart Adams are level pegging on 160pts each so keep an eye on those two while they fight it out at the front. Don't forget about Strett Cull who is only 11 point behind the leading two riders, either way it's close. Our local Forum rider Ben is in 6th position only 1 point off Travis Sutherland and 15pts off Steve Mitchell, so ground can be made up by Ben.

    In the Supersport Series, Vic rider Josh Waters is putting on a good show and showing us local WA boys how to ride around Wanneroo! Josh has a strong lead with a 27 point gap over Nashy and Nashy having a 26 point lead over Watts, keep an eye on the local boys as they try to fight back some points off Waters.

    In the Superstock, Jamie Boland has a 58 point lead over Cameron Stronach (bens brother) who has a 3 point lead over Gary Jones. Forum riders Calvin in 9th and Tex in 16th have a good chance to make ground this round, fingers crossed.

    1, Travis Sutherland 139
    2, Gary Evans 114
    3, Glen Radica 107
    4, Calvin Ridley 71
    5, Scott Houston 68
    6, Barry Black 65

    1, Russel Nash 160
    2, Stuart Adams 160
    3, Strett Cull 149
    4, Steve Mitchell 99
    5, Travis Sutherland 85
    6, Ben Stronach 84

    1,Josh Waters 161
    2, Russel Nash 134
    3, Alan Watts 108
    4, Jack Declyn 80
    5, Wayne Smith 66
    6, Strett Cull 64

    1, Jamie Boland 158
    2, Cameron Stronach 100
    3, Cary Jones 97
    4, Bryan Staring 82
    5, Geoff Allan 72
    6, Barry Black 62

    So if your have nothing planed this Sunday come down for a look 8)

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    Do they have a big screen for the Derby? just kidding I will be there
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    2, Always know what you're doing
    3, In failure of step 2 refer to step one


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      cyas there

      I'm the noob you all pwn!


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        Wont be able to make it unless you all want my virus I got, but good luck to you all competing and give it shit
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