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    WAITING WAITING WAITING :? mr tex? tell us your story buddy

    oh! by the way,the points now are:
    scott houston 77
    leroy maclou 92
    GO THE HOONDDDA :roll:

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    well , let me tell you exactly what was going on in my head !!

    Race 1 had a great start from 11th on the grid, by the end of the 1st lap i was up in 4th and having a great time, Glen crashed in the basin so i was then in 3rd , and thats where i finished race 1,
    race 2 i was starting on the front row of the grid......never been up there before :shock: , had a pretty good start and as we went into the esses i went under Leroy to go into 2nd place 8) never been there before either :shock: , didn't last long because leroy went past me going into the basin.....damm R1s and all there power :evil: , managed to stay in touch until turn 7 onto the front straight and went inside leroy again to go into second place.......for about 3 seconds before the power of the R1 shot leroy back into second, was having a great time and smiling at the fun i was having dicing with leroy, got back on the tail of the R1 through the esses and went into the left hander ! !!

    was sick of the guy on the R1 holding me up in the corners so i went to go around the outside, got up level with him when he stuck his foot out and kicked the front of my bike , sending me sliding into the infield :shock: typical Yamaha rider !!

    naaahhhhh not really , had a rush of blood to the head and thought i could get around the outside of Leroy in the left hander :oops: :roll: nearing the top of the left hander i had got level with him and wanted to push forward just that little bit more to get the inside line for skyline, lost the back end in a nice gentle low side and slide off into the infield, was going well until i hit the dirt and tumbled :shock: In the end i walked away with a bruised ego and a bike with damage to every panel , bent sub frame bent exhaust, but no major damage,

    At the end of the day i learnt a valuable lesson......don't try and kid yourself that you can ride around the outside of someone who is 3 seconds a lap quicker than you !

    Oh well you get that , but you gotta admit Leroy, it was fun while it lasted !


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      Oh well you get that , but you gotta admit Leroy, it was fun while it lasted !
      sorry buddy,but i didnt even see you :? are you sure it was me you were about to pass?
      only joking,i learnt that same lesson when i crashed in round 1.i now know my limits in that corner.
      im sure you wont try that manouvere least you got the bike going again unlike myself in round sure you will be doing 62,s maybe 61,s in the next round by the way your riding at the moment :twisted:
      cant wait.

      scott houston77
      leroy maclou 92
      yamaha all the way


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        Yea it was good racing on the day, tex was riding well untill he copied my left hand exit :shock: with identical damage :oops: every panel damaged, fuel tank knocked in, sub frame pushed to the right and muffler squashed :evil: Yeap your going to get sick of those repairs :?

        You better order your second set of Colins leathers at that discounted rate :idea: two falls on two track days :shock: your going to need them!