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  • Newbie to the track

    Sorry to ask such a silly question but,,,

    Is there anyone who gives lessons on racing? Can I just turn up
    and get advice, and cruise around the track without getting in too many peoples way? I have a 1997' GSXR600 and new to bikes so dont want to embarass myself or anyone else?
    Are there many newbies that go? And how often?

    Maybe its easier if someone could refer me to a webpage with some info?

    Wassup all???

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    they are the best in my opinion


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      Serengeti, MCRC have their racecraft days and this is the best way to get exposure to racing and see if you want to get out there and have some fun ,
      the official policy is that you have to be able to ride within 15secs of the best lap time , this means that if you can lap Barbagello in 72-73 seconds then you're quick enough to race, on a 97 gxr600 you should have no problems. At this stage of the season we are still getting new riders at each race event , i think we had 4 at the last round, you will start from the rear of the grid and most of the time you don't get in anyones way , except of course for the Handicap race where they reverse the grid :shock:
      MCRC are running a Novice racecraft on Sep 26th, and you need to do two racecraft to get your licence to race, the courses book up pretty quickly so i'd get in early.
      Don't forget that on the PSB track day most of the marshalls that will be riding are all current racers and they will be more than happy to help you out. Stay tuned for a date



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        Serengeti, chances are that you won’t be doing the times that Tex mentioned when you first start. Unless you have been on a track before or ride like a demon on the street you will more likely be above the 80 second mark when you start – and even that will feel fast. Depending on your confidence levels you will improve quickly or slowly. After my second time on track I was around the 75 second mark and could have got my race licence. I think that is a pretty typical sort of progression.

        When I was looking at getting my licence they were more interested in smoothness and calmness that outright laptimes. They take you out and follow for a couple of laps then start messing with you by stuffing you up the inside and going round you to see how you react. If you’re cool and smooth then you generally get through.

        The good thing about the racecraft courses is you can do them as many times as you want and there are both novice and advanced courses. There is no outside pressure to ride faster than your comfort level – the only pressure comes from you when some little punk on a 250 passes you on your 600 (or 1000 in my case). Over time you will start to realise that the bike is capable of easily going faster than you thought possible.


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          as Jarrid said , smoothness is important, but holding a decent race line is equally important, by using an incorrect race line you will then throw off the other faster riders who will be trying to pass you, most of the guys who race on this forum will tell you how dangerous a new racer is if he's using the wrong race lines and does things that are unexpected, as a new rider you have to expect the faster riders to come past you at any stage on the track, and it can sometimes be pretty distracting, expect to sometimes bump elbows ! but at the end of the day MOST of the faster riders will overtake you fairly safely.


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            I'd definitely recommend doing the MCRC Racecraft days, it's a great way to get a feel for how to ride on the track and they're really good for advice. I did the novice day once on a ZZR250 and was easily the slowest there on the day, but they don't push you and you'll find everyone is generally really friendly.

            I plan on doing some more as soon as my damn arms heal up :roll:


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              As Jarrid and Tex have said, be smooth and hold your lines 8)
              My very first day on the track was a Russel Gidley (two wheel fun day) and 76 second lap times for the day - no pressure!!, I did the day with 4 other mates and we had a ball :twisted: From there we did Racecraft days, by then we had all been on the track and some idea on lines and breaking markers etc, just made it easier with no extra pressure. May be that's an option for you.
              I have heard that Russel Gidley has a couple of track days booked for the end of the year, and don't forget about the PSB TRACK DAY :idea: That will be better and a lot more fun!



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                im currently getting an RGV ready myself as a bit of a trackday hack cant wait to get out there (cant afford to crash the 636 its my daily ride and wouldnt be comfortable on the track with it)

                hopefully ill be ready for september racecraft day. just need to paint the plastic and make up a bracket to hold on the fairing nose.

                its actually nomands old RGV


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                  Maybe paint it after the track day.....? (just in case)


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                    HAhahaah, confidence inspiring.....

                    it will only be a home job paint, weve got a compressor spray gun and swapped some beer for paint so im all set


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                      How about you use some "Chalk-board Black",
                      then everyone at the track-day can autograph your bike.

                      That or someone's kid will have a field day on it the second you are not looking.


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                        Cheers for all your advice, I will certainly come on the 26th September.
                        Where can I find out when the PSB day is?

                        To be honost I havnt looked in other forums yet.
                        Wassup all???


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                          How about you use some \"Chalk-board Black\",  
                          then everyone at the track-day can autograph your bike.  

                          That or someone's kid will have a field day on it the second you are not looking.  

                          Now that is a kewl idea! You can have a new design every day!!!


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                            after reading all that great advice I think im dieing to get on the track and give it a go as well


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                              me and CAD should have our blade ready by the PSB trackday as well....