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Out of Hospital, and thanks to the people of PSB !!

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  • Out of Hospital, and thanks to the people of PSB !!

    Well I’m finally out of hospital, and I’m now well underway with my recovery and rehab, hopefully things will continue to go well and I’ll regain full use of my leg with no permanent damage !

    The main reason for this post is to try to thank the people who have helped me out or offered to help me out ! It really was an overwhelming response from the PSB community as a whole ! and also from the bike riding community in general !
    To all the people who visited me in hospital, thanks so much, it really was good to have visitors, to those that visited in the first week, I’m sorry if I wasn’t a good host and fell asleep during your visit !! haha Due to the massive amounts of Drugs in my system I struggled to stay awake and when I was awake I didn’t make to much sense with what I was saying ! Also thanks heaps to those people who made the effort to come in more than once, it really was appreciated.

    I have to Thank Deej, who was in at the hospital just about every single day! He set me up with my laptop so I could jump on PSB and keep in touch with what was going on, he even gave me a craft book that would teach me how to do knitting and embroidery…..seeing as my racing career was over !! Smartarse !!

    Thanks to Madkat who was fantastic in helping me out , he also organized a fantastic get well framed photo and had it signed by a heap of people (thanks Dugy for donating the photos)! He was also instrumental in getting Russell of Mat Mladin imports to give me a brand new set of Joe Rocket gloves to replace my damaged ones ! On that note , I was wrapped to get the new gloves and I was so impressed that Russell donated the gloves to a rider he didn’t know but just wanted to show his concern ! If you get the chance to purchase stuff from these guys then I strongly recommend it … the people who support the riding community ! he is obviously a fantastic bloke whose heart is in the right place.

    To everyone who dropped off DVDs, sent flowers, Fruit baskets, chocolates, magazines, cards, and other things , thanks so much , there are literally to many to mention but it really was appreciated, to those that offered stuff who I never got back to , thanks so much and sorry for not getting back to you. I was honestly surprised by the amount of riders that I had never met that offered their time to bring in anything I needed ! or just passed on their well wishes and hopes for a quick recovery ! you people are fantastic !

    A big thanks goes out to Calvin (prestige CBR) who took my bike home on the day of the accident, and who has spent his own time stripping the bike and repairing the damage ! this has made things a lot easier on me ! it’s people like Calvin who make racing a pleasure from the social side of things, and it’s not just for me he’s done these things, I know he also helped out Dalip after his fall by welding a few things up for him ! You’re a great bloke Calvin, thanks heaps !I also need to thank Taz for helping out on the race day and taking my three kids home to their grandparents house so my wife could go straight to the hospital to be with me.

    And my final thanks goes to my family (my parents) and mainly my fantastic wife who stood on the side of the track not knowing how bad I was hurt. Who then proceeded to be by my side through the entire thing, visiting me at least two times a day every day ! My wife’s effort over the last month has been the most fantastic thing ever ! I have no idea how I’ll ever make it up to her!

    On the whole I’ve been overwhelmed with the help and the well wishes and I hope that one day I’ll be able to repay the favors, hopefully without people having to crash and hurt themselves ! Well done to the people of PSB and MCRCWA, you really are great people to be associated with !

    Sorry this has been such a lengthy post and I’m sorry if I’ve left anyone out !

    Cheers Tex

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    Tex, Fantastic news that you are out and on the road to a full recovery! (all fingers crossed) - you must really feel so relieved that you can at last go home.
    Will be in touch
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      Originally posted by Tex View Post
      Well I’m finally out of hospital, and I’m now well underway with my recovery and rehab, hopefully things will continue to go well and I’ll regain full use of my leg with no permanent damage !
      Great to hear things are going well!


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        Good to see your out, must be a great relief
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          Fab news, now just keep the jogging to a minimum, mkay .
          .. and thats Racer # 193 to y'all; my fabulous sponsors (who all do good shit) are: Graeme Fleming IT Consultants, Vision Image, Pacific Safety Wear, Excess Power Equipment, Pro Photo Booth

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            Great to hear ur finally out from hospital, must be a huge relief. Wishing u a speddy recovery mate. All the best.

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              Was great to chat with Tex today...and again he expressed his total awe at the generosity of the ppl here at strangers helping him out...amazing to hear.

              Will see ya tomorrow Tex. Batten down the hatches, warn bringing my rugrats with me!!
              Originally posted by Red_is_Best
              hahah I hate it when they do that and you make some noises like you had it done just last year, then they give you that look, like you are a bad vagina owner and you should take better care of it!


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                It's cos you're such a swell guy.

                Glad your recovery is going well mate.

                I'll be thorough helping your stoner rep through its tough rehabilitation period too.
                Wouldn't want you recoving at different rates. Every leg raise gets a kilometre.


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                  Great to hear your outta hospital..

                  Won't be long now till your back on the old horse.. ( No i ment your bike)

                  Anyways hope to see your limping around at the Trackday.. The PSB people need your imput at these thing..

                  Best Regards

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                    Thanks guys , it's the start of a long and hard road to hopefully full recovery ! I intend to get to the track as much as I can ! Just to get out of the house and get back into an environment that I really enjoy ! But my racing career is definitely over.

                    On a bit of a serious note, take it easy out there on your bikes, either on the track or on the road ! I know we all love bikes and accept the risks involved with them, but this has been a pretty testing time for me and I would hate to see other people go through it. To people like Saf and Craig Miller who have gone through stuff so much worse than me , you people are champions and have a world of respect from me !

                    Keep it upright people , it's so much more fun that way !

                    Cheers Tex


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                      Hey great to hear your on the mend mate, take care.
                      `Ride on Cam - No. 52` :aus-salute:


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                        Great to see your home again. Must feel sooooo good.
                        Keep up the healing work and don't let the bed bugs bite.



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                          Good to see your a free man Tex!

                          (Sorry I came in late :o )


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                            What's the damage Tex? I had some bad lower leg injuries myself 12 years ago, 3 months in wheelchair, 3 months in frame etc. etc. One ankle is fused now, other one is pretty cactus etc. Just wondering if any of my experience can help you fight through the doctor crapola.


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                              Thanks for the offer Trev, So far they don't really know the full extent of the damage until I start to put weight on the leg. They were happy with the surgery and the rehab has been going well (hydro) so fingers crossed it will continue to be good news.
                              With the break being as bad as it is I may be left with a permenant limp or only partial use of my left leg.....which isn't to bad as I could never kick a footy with my left foot anyway ! but things such as running may be out of the question.
                              Also the Surgery they have done might not last to long....anywhere from 3-15 years they can't really tell, once it gives out I'll be back under the knife to get a replacement hip put in, and that then starts a whole heap of problems and surgery !
                              So from here it's pretty much so wait and see how good/bad it is....but I tell you what , I'm getting sick of waiting !! sometimes that is the hardest part of this getting better crap !