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  • AHG Yesterday

    Had the track all to ourselves yesterday. Only about 8 bikes turned up for the tuning session. Perfect weather and being able to ride for 3 hours straight without restriction!!! What a day.

    Thanks to all the guys I followed. Maybe one day someone will want to follow me... Got to stop taking trips through the grass first:o

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    How freaking awesome was it? Ride when you want, come in for a rest when you get tired, perfect!

    No traffic issues, most people seemed to be circulating at roughly the same pace, and pulled over to let people through when required.

    I too got bored of being on the track and decided to head off to smell the flowers. That ditch was coming up pretty damn quickly at one point

    One complaint was how hard it was to follow your bike. It's so damn beautiful I got easily distracted
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