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Mission Today. Wongan Drags

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  • Mission Today. Wongan Drags

    Well me and tyse went up to Wongan hills where they were having a Drag event on an airstrip. Was only 1/8 of a mile but was still a fun day.

    Tyse ended up getting fastest run of the day with a 6.95.

    Breath testing before letting him race

    Booked for being a girl

    Best run of the day \/

    [ame=""]YouTube - Wongan Hill Drags[/ame]
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    Awesome... Well done Tyson, and good pit bitchin Barts...... Any prizes worth speaking about....?
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      We weren't expecting anything to be honest. They had a heap of t-shirts, hats etc which they gave out.

      It was a little late to start with them lining up on the line 2 hours late..... Only for the wind to blow the starting tree over smashing all the lights. They managed to get out the gaffa tape and all was well

      It was really good mission and nice to be out in the country atmosphere. Met some really nice locals as well which topped off the day.
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        Yep was a great day, the locals made it so much better.

        A combination of the cold weather and not being allowed to warm up the tyres meant that traction was a major issue. although towards the end we started doing the odd roller up to the start line which made a difference.

        As Bart mentioned we were the fastest on the day with a 6.95 in the 1/8th mile we won a Shirt/cap and two stubbies holders.

        Here's a play list of all the runs, (yes i stalled in the second run)

        YouTube - Wongan Hill Drags
        My Turbo Build

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          Fully sick, wanna go next time.
          Any woodfired pizza joints there, with Heineken kegs?


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            Yeah you would have loved it Bert. We went to the pub for lunch which had some good food. Taking my bike next time as with the loss of traction it might give me a chance against the busa.
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              Great work out there today guys, looks like a blast

              Nice times too tyse, looking like getting into low 9s over the full 1/4 ?


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                What is the 2 stroke dirt bike? 500?? Howd it go on knobbys??
                Increasing my carbon footprint - one 500 @ a time...