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Motorplex drags drivers and riders.....

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  • Motorplex drags drivers and riders.....

    hey guys...

    my mum is doing an article on the motorplex for the public service magazine (she is the editor) and was looking for a rider (regular street or proper drag) and a driver to interview..... just wondering if there is anyone on here who might be interested?

    this is NOT a Today Tonight style piece (style??) but an informative thing, and she would actually love some decent burnout pics and things like that. if anyone can help out, it would be appreciated, or if you can let me know where to find someone, feel free to PM me


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    you should have a pm. 8)


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      You'll be hard-pressed to find someone on this site. This is an 'anti-hoon' forum afterall.
      ...having dinner with KARMA tonight...


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        of course we all are, blade...

        nah, just need some of the racers oout there, cause all the pics we can find are way too small, and they would like a couple of interviews with em... i think it is a project for a school or something..... anyhoo, still looking....