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No Historics at MCRC?

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  • No Historics at MCRC?

    I was really excited to see MCRC run a class for later Historics (P5/6/7) at 3 of their race rounds this year, only to find very few Historic racers are entering. What's the go? Seems like a great opportunity, especially after the Barbagallo debacle.

    But it looks to be an opportinity lost, I can't see MCRC repeating the invitation if no-one is going to show up. Is there something going on behind the scenes?

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    I think there’s a few factors, I have only heard very briefly on a couple of occasions that they are running. Needing an MCRC membership and the race costs are significantly more than HCMC. I’ll be taking my P6 up there but I was already going to attend on my other bikes anyway


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      I'm not aware that you need an MCRCWA membership to be able to race in the class... You would need one if you wanted to participate in the MCRCWA training / tuning days, but not to race...

      And given an annual associate membership to the MCRCWA costs $25, and would allow you to do the practice / tuning days as well, that doesn't seem like too much of a hurdle either.

      As to the additional cost? Given it costs ~$10,000 to hire Barbagallo, versus $5,000 to hire Collie, it's understandable entry costs are going to be different.

      Also given that you actually get 1 additional race on the MCRCWA days as well, if you calculate that by the $$$ per lap, it would be pretty close to the Historics entry costs, without the additional cost of travel and accommodation etc required to travel to Collie.

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        Fair enough, I assumed you needed a membership to race also. I definitely understand the costs of hiring barbs is significantly more, i just imagine it puts people off when they are used to paying less


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          No, no MCRCWA membership is required. From the entry form:

          "Entry Fees
          MA Competition Licence holders Solo / Sidecar $260
          (Includes hire of timing transmitter, powered Carport, track & air-fence levies)

          I understand for folks living down South it is a pain in the klacker heading up to Perth, but as mentioned, if you're in Perth it all works out in the wash cost-wise. If you're good you even have the chance to win a new rear Pirelli for winning the class (Golden Era). Given there were only a handful (literally) of entry's for Rd1 the odds are pretty decent!

          I dunno, I'm new to Historics, I honestly thought folks would leap at the opportunity to race what is a very different feeling circuit to Collie.