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    New Control Tyre For Superstock in 2005

    M.A have just announced the control tyre for the 2005 Superstock series run in conjunction with the Australian Superbike Championship. Please note the specifications for the tyre have changed and AUSCO believes that the D208RR is a stickier tyre then what has been available over the last couple of seasons. Please check with your local Dunlop stockist for further information about the new Superstock tyre.


    "The control tyre for the Superstock class of the 2005 ASC will be the Dunlop D208RR, details are:

    Front: D208RR 120/70ZR17 – $156.00

    Rear: D208RR 180/55ZR17 – $216.00

    The conditions for the purchase of the tyres at the above prices are the same as what was detailed in the 2004 ASC Supp Regs."

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    excuse my ignorance but being "superstock" do they run full race slicks ore are they still a treaded tyre? what's the ruling on what they can use?
    what would happen, if this were gone, would you be there, for how long. . . . . .


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      Scott , in Superstock you HAVE to run the control tyre , this is a treaded road legal tyre. this year the D208rr
      luckily for us here in WA we can use any treaded tyre in superstock during the state rounds, but slicks and wets are not allowed.