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    was at track friday Stephan , and i was watching Cam, he was looking pretty fast and comfitable out there, will be fighting for wins for sure.


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      We shall see how he goes...I am confident he will get the hang of it....
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        Much as I respect Ryan Farquar, he's a pure roads racer. I won't expect him to be challanging for a win (third maybe). Anstey is also a pure roads man, but alwys goes well on superstocks. The Laverty brothers and Lowry are ones to watch, short circuit specialists and they'll be spurring each other on.

        But in all honesty I wouldn't bet against Cam. I watched him since he came to Ireland. He's so commited, not in a showy way but in a fast way. Plus, first day he turned up to test the TAS superbike at Kirkistown in Northern Ireland he busted the track record wide open. So he can adapt to the short circuits.


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          Glen Allerton will be hard to beat


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            Originally posted by motoholic View Post
            Harder to pick than a broken nose!

            After some careful deliberation my top 5 (no particular order)

            Glenn Allerton
            Karl Harris
            Bryan Staring
            Ben Stronach
            Ryan Farquhar

            Its gonna be awsome!!
            I'd like to see Chris Galbraith win, but Andy has it pretty much on the nose. I'd stick Cameron Donald in 3rd.
            The weather looks great for locals on Sunday, forecasting 28*c.
            Our guests can't have had too much racing experience in temps close to 30*c, my bet is they'll be suffering from the heat.
            In saying this it hasn't exactly been warm over here lately, so lets hope it doesn't affect the local boys too much.
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              After reading Kneedowns post up of practice lap times today, there were a few surprises, our raining ASB champion being the quickest was not one of them. Looks like a few of the internationals were feeling their way a bit.

              Doesn't count until qualifying though.
              My one motorcycling tip is...ride Phillip Island. The End.


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                Allerton FTW

                Bag full of cut snakes/crazy f*&kers contesting all the other positions

                Not sure we will see any lap records broken on these spec machines, but the racing will be as hard as it gets.

                Looking forward to this!!!
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                  Sunday podium:


                  With Karl Harris and the laverty brothers figuring right up there.