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    Anthony Gobert To Race At Phillip Island

    After 12 months away from the racetrack, road racing's wild child, Anthony Gobert today announced his return to the track competing in the national superbike category at the 2005 Yamaha Superbike World Championship at Phillip Island on April 1-3.

    Gobert will contest the Linfox Australian Superbike Championship, kicking off a season long campaign in the domestic championship. He will race a Honda CBR 1000RR Fireblade under the Redwing Honda colours - a Honda dealer from Heidelberg in Melbourne. This union, returns Gobert to Honda where his stop-start road race career began.

    It's a major coup for the Phillip Island race and fans to the circuit will be keen to see the boy from Bringelly go. In 2000, he thrilled the island crowd when he won the world superbike round on a saturated track. Riding an underpowered and temperamental Bimota, he led from the start and took the win by a massive 30 seconds from defending champion Carl Fogarty.

    This April, he will contest the three national superbike races..and it won't be Carl Fogarty on his back, but the leading young guns of the Australian scene including defending champion Adam Fergusson, the immensely talented Josh Brookes and the Yamaha duo of Shannon Johnson and Daniel Stauffer.

    Gobert's return will be a surprise to many who thought he was on the scrapheap, his numerous off track misdemeanours eventually overshadowing his riding prowess.

    His latest was in April last year when he was sacked from the American AMA Superbike Championship.

    "I know I've said it many times before and people will be wondering how long I go before something else happens but truly I know this is my last chance," Gobert explained. "They reckon a cat has nine lives and I think I must be up to about number 10 in my career so far.

    "I've been pretty depressed in the last few months as I really didn't think I would get another ride. I'm 30 years old now and in the last 12 months I've haven't had a job so I've had a lot of time to think. Over that time I've matured a lot and I realise I have the best job in the world and have been silly to nearly throw it all away."

    It is now more than ten years since Gobert's first - and only - championship victory when he won the 1994 Australian Superbike Championship aboard a factory Honda RC30.

    From those early beginnings as a prodigiously talented teenager Gobert's career has been more soap opera than substance with his off-track antics overshadowing the immense natural talent he demonstrated riding a bike and beating the world's best.

    "Honda is where my success began in road racing and I've got to really thank them for giving me another chance," said Gobert..

    "I'm going into Philip Island with an open mind because I haven't been on a road bike for 12 months but fortunately for me Phillip Island brings out the best in me. The Redwing Honda boys are working day and night to make the bike as good as it can be so I just hope I know how to still twist the throttle!

    "I'd like to say thanks to Perry from Redwing Honda who has given me this opportunity and showing the faith to give me a ride. I've been doing a lot of motocross riding lately to increase my fitness and with my new outlook I aim to repay the favour and get back to what I do best."

    In his first appearance in a World Superbike event at Phillip Island in 1994, (moments after signing a deal with Kawasaki) he set the world alight leading the first race by a huge margin only to slow in the later stages to allow world champion-elect, Kawasaki's Scott Russell past to secure his one and only World Championship.

    With no team orders to obey in the next race, Gobert left them all standing to finish 12 seconds in front of future four-times world champion Carl Fogarty.

    From there the world was Gobert's oyster but his extra curricular activities ensured that he never met his potential - an ill fated tenure with the Lucky Strike Suzuki Grand Prix Team the most notable.

    For all his controversy off the track, Gobert's riding talent cannot be denied and there has been some stellar moments that have included eight wins in the World Superbike Championship from his memorable first win in 1994 through to 2000, including six wins on a Kawasaki.

    In 1996, while still with Kawasaki, he took out a double win at the World Superbike event at Phillip Island with a unorthodox strip on the victory podium.

    With this latest opportunity Gobert intends it to be a stepping stone to relaunch his controversial career. "I'm super excited about my first ride back at Phillip Island and I hope to put on a good show for my fans."

    You got to wonder how long for? He is a good rider but he also has issues!

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    the go show

    1,041,427 SHU
    go on you know ya wanna try one!


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      Originally posted by aaargh1@Mar 26 2005, 04:05 AM
      the go show
      One has to ask how serious is he going to be this time round? As he admits he has had a lot of life lines and may be the stint on the dole, will have wised him up slightly.
      I give him less than 12 months before the GO Show starts up again with his usual shit


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        I don't know where he can go from here, think he's generally been blacked balled which is not surprising, but i hope he kicks some arse, talented dude.


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          Originally posted by sp500@Mar 26 2005, 09:48 AM
          I don't know where he can go from here, think he's generally been blacked balled which is not surprising, but i hope he kicks some arse, talented dude.
          I would be happy to see him pull his head in and race, f*@k off his usual antics.