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Kenny Roberts half second quicker in FP2

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  • Kenny Roberts half second quicker in FP2

    Ok, given my limited understanding of the current field in MotoGP, at least past the regulars, and even tho I am aware Kenny Roberts is a former world champion... recently I think.

    I thought he was a bad rider, on an underpowered bike, who recently had become fat and unfit. (Hmmm... Kenny Roberts... Jacob B, some similarities there!)

    So how on earth is he half a second up on the rest of the field in Free Practice 2?

    Do Free Practice sessions mean anything much for the race? Is it bluff and bluster from the small teams and cagey sharking from the bigger ones?

    How does Free Practice reflect perfromance in the new format of qualifying for MotoGP?
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    doubt he wil be in top ten after qualifying
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      New track... I wouldn't take notice of results till race day.


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        Have a look at FP1. as I am too lazy to look back, I’ll have to go off memory. If I recall, the motoGP boys were just over 2 minutes (2:02ish) in FP1. the 250’s were around the 2:09 mark. In FP2 the motoGP boys were around the 2:14 mark. Which means that the track was probably wet or fucked up in some other way.

        Now that there is only one qualifying session the people who have the least to lose (ie those people struggling in the championship) will push the hardest and then tell themselves that they are good enough to beat the others – even though they know secretly that the others weren’t really trying. I should get a leather couch and become a shrink.

        The Suzuki hasn’t been doing too badly of late – it’s just that Hopkins seems to be the only one doing anything good on it. I think Roberts was champ in 2000 – and although he si probably the weakest world champion for a while, any world champion is no slouch.


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          Originally posted by nath@Apr 29 2005, 11:23 PM
          New track... I wouldn't take notice of results till race day.

          most of the teams will be setting the bikes up for a new track.. ie turn for lets go out and see if the same gear ratio that works on turn 5 wil be ok to use on turn 3
          ....go out and see if this softer susp is faster than the hard one on the back section.....will harder tires go the distance..... so not really going for fast lap times as of yet and also riders are getting in miles and used to the track

          new track and so many variables with no previous race data

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            Smart teams and riders will be using every lap to set up bikes and test tyres for race distance etc. No point going out there and blasting 1 fast lap on qualiflying tyres etc until you have done your home work.
            Both Suzuki boys will stuggle to make top ten. Also it would interesting to find out which tyre manufacture tests there, that could see some back markers move up the field (a little)