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seriously looking at goin east to race...soon

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  • seriously looking at goin east to race...soon

    im pricing up all the options of goin east for the 5th asbk round at mallala in 4 weeks.

    just wondering if any one has tips on ways of doing this, or things you need to remember to do...etc...

    we may have bikes in bus and fly over...
    or go in that bus...
    or hire a van...
    or get a big trailer...

    but yeh, you get the idea...

    The greatest excitement comes from besting who you were yesterday.

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    Adam Senior told me that their travel budget to do nationals last year was $50,000. hat is JUST travel. I know you are enthusiastic but this generally isn't the kind of thing you can do without some financial help.

    Race here for a season. If you have got the skills and present yourself well, you'll be able to get someone on board.

    Or if you are mad cashed up, knock yourself out. Wish i could.
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      Fuel costs in a diesal around $1300 return. Minimum 3 sets of tyres excluding a wet set incase it rains @ approx $1800. Entry fee for a national round around the $550 or so. Accomodation ?? and then you have your time off work if you drive yourself. You need a minimum 8 days and this is pushing it. If you fly this adds to the cost on top of that. And this is if you dont crash.
      I was doing the GP support races and got flogged everytime. Was the best time ever but at a cost of around $9000. Worth doing but as previously stated, you need a sponsor to do it right.
      In saying this you will most likely get flogged in every race you do as well. The guys over east arent so friendly when they are swapping paint as well . They will cut you off and not even blink an eye. So be prepared to go home with a smile on your dial only. 99% of the guys at Barbs are easy going and arent in it to take you out. Over east is another story I would recommend anyone to do it at least once in their racing career but be prepaid for what you have coming.


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        before going to do a race day/weekend over east just go for a track day or something, i want to go the phillip island next year for a track day but havent even looked up what its going to cost me yet.

        although a trackday is different to racing at least you will have a differnt track to play with.


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          i now its gonna cost.. but it wont be huge.
          entry is $375
          dunlop control tyres are $465 for a pair (can only use one set for all qualifing and racing)
          i have wets, and can take a 2nd hand pair of dry for practice.
          im currently looking for cheap acomodation. like camp in a swag kinda cheap
          50 for transponder deposit. maybe...$60 of fuel for the bike.
          food can be done on a budget
          work owes me holidays (so get paid)

          its the geting there that im still sorting. i may have that easy, or i might have this as the hard part. i should no by the weekend.
          The greatest excitement comes from besting who you were yesterday.


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            how much would it be to hire a van? mabey you can get a deal if you put the hire van company name on the bike


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              Would certainly be an awesome road trip, You obviously have the bug


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                not half bad zxbrenon...if we get to hiring a van, ill certainly try that.

                and yeah the bug has burrowed deep within me...
                The greatest excitement comes from besting who you were yesterday.


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                  I did P.I. and then up to Sydney and back last year in the van but only did track days. 14,000 km in 15 days was a hell of a trip by myself. $1600 in Diesel, $300 for 1 service along the way, food and acommodation was about $2000 but I stayed with rellies most of the time (slept in the swag on the road) and didn't eat much takeaway. Track days were about $200 each along with Tyres $600 and a bit of fuel for the bike.
                  If you have the time and money dude just do it. I don't think it could be done a great deal cheaper than I did it but you could always try and live on Baked Beans for the duration
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                    those costs look pretty accurate.
                    id only be goin as far as adelaide tho, so maybe... 10 days. (3 there, 4 at track, 3 back).
                    ive emailed the event organiser regarding camping at the track. this is were the money will have to be saved. my mate slept in his truck when he went over there for car racing.

                    also, its me and my bro at miniumum. plus we may be goin with someone else to cut fuel costs.

                    its all lookin do able atm
                    The greatest excitement comes from besting who you were yesterday.