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Front suspension tuning expert needed

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  • Front suspension tuning expert needed

    I've installed Race Tech Gold Valves & springs to the front forks of my race bike. The forks have Honda CB600 cartridge internals.
    I followed Race Techs instructions, but have to admit I'm not too impressed with the "improvements".
    I'm no expert on this & wondered if there is a suspension expert that any body can recommend?

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    Marty Moose is the man to see around here. Send him a pm and he should be able to help you out.


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      ehehehe. You and me both, partner.

      PM marty moose, or talk to Russel @ Dyno time in wangara. Russel is a racetech installer on a professional level, Marty is a racer/enthusiast/suspension guru of his own accord. He has a regular job and does this sorta stuff in his spare time.


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        Have used Russel for other things and he is an absolute professional, I've heard only good reports about his suspension work too.
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          I'd take the forks to Russell Farrow - Allect Racing Services and he'll put them on his suspension dyno. At least he has a database of force vs velocity of rebound and compression curves that he knows will work. He'll plot your existing curve and then change the shim stacks to match closely a known curve that works. He'll also be able to set the oil level and maybe change the springs to get the right amount of dive so you'll just touch full travel at the bottom of the hill.

          Suspension "tuning" without gathering hard data is too subjective and all based on opinion. Put some science into it.

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            It's one thing to drop in what Racetech or Ohlins says will work but it's another thing all together to actually see proof of what your setup is doing and to the best of my knowledge is that Russell Farrow is the only guy around whay has a suspension dyno.

            He revalved my 600RR and it's much better straight away. What I save in tyre wear chasing suspension setup has already offset the cost of the work. Russell is usually at the track at state rounds and is happy to give you a hand with setup.

            Try Marty or Russell Speak first if you like though as R. Farrow is a very busy guy and it may just be a tweak of the adjusters that is needed.
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