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  • Scrutineering Question

    On a dry (or as of yet undeclared) race day, will a bike pass scrutineering with wet tyres?

    Curious as it's usually a bit of a rush to arrive, get wheels off, get tyres changed, get wheels back on, as opposed to arriving with the wet rims on the bike and get the slick rims changed immediately.

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    I cant see why bike would not pass scrutineering with wets on it....Tyres are only marked after first race when you pass through scrutineering. Once your tyre is marked, you must use it for the duration of the meeting, unless a race is declared wet, say second race of the day and then its anything goes....


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      As problem scrutineering with wets but they can only be used if the race is declared wet.


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        ^^^ wts - I think they give you about 20 minutes to fit wets if the track is declared 'wet' - hence the reason many have two sets of rims.
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          Sweet, thanks for the replies.

          To clarify, it's more just solving logistic problems by fitting the wets to the bike beforehand. Means on the day I can get set up with new slicks on the bike faster.