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    Hey all,
    Im just wondering, are the drags that get organised really competitive? Or can you do it for a bit of fun. I have a few friends with cars and we would like to race them against each other and my bike. Is that the place to do it? Can you choose a competitor or are there certain 'classes' etc.
    Cheers in advance
    I was just raising hell I wasn't doing no harm, the cops could not appreciate my natural charm.

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    they don't run bikes against cars although there is provision in the rules if they run within a certain et at street meets but you'd be better off just using your time slip and racing another bike as a bike will beat a car unless we are talking a 250cc bike against some really fast street car.
    yes if your in the bike lane u can race your mates and sometimes you can win money for a good reaction time. lots of fun. BURNOUT, STAGE, LIGHTS ON AND GO FLAT OUT ACROSS THE FINISH LINE. VERY ADDICTIVE BUT THERE ARE NO CORNERS.


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      not competetive unless you make it but big tip race yourself not the othe bike learnt to hone your skill by refering to slip times ect not the other bike win or lose its all good fun and learn heaps from other riders between laps