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endurance racing at barbagallo

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  • endurance racing at barbagallo

    Hi all,

    Just wondering if Barbagallo has tried endurance racing?


    If anyone would consider entering such an event now?

    Thinking probably a smaller style event to test the waters, perhaps 50 laps per race (about 1 hr 15 min duration). Holding 3 categories plus lunch, practice and scruitineering would take the best part of a day.

    What do you think?

    Not sure how to break up the classes though, time based or machine based.

    Time based categories would give the spectators more value for money (whilst probably drive the riders crazy) as struggles continue between the bigger and smaller bikes on different parts of the track.

    Making two manditory pit entries would also help keep the interest going with position changes and the activity of refueling (apparently riders must dismount before refueling can occur).

    Any thoughts???

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    I think this has been suggested before, and there were some logistical issues like refuelling aparatus (unless you enforced everyone using a can and funnel haha) and pit crew safety..

    But I'd definitely be up for it.


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      This would work fine if you specify a minimum pitstop duration, like 10 mins.

      It helps to keep the costs down, which is the biggest problem with endurance racing. You can win easily if you spend thousands on quick change wheels setups, quick fill tank, etc.

      If it were geared to keep costs reasonable, I'd be in for sure. 4 hour race, 2 rider teams would be awesome.
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        definatly sounds interesting and I think have the different classes together would keep it interesting as long as there aren't to many on track at once (50 or so should be fine)
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          Yep would be in it - see this thread

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            Great to see interest,
            Thanks HM, I didn't see that thread before.

            Even better to see there was so much positive feedback from the riders last year, wonder if there still is?

            15 last year on that thread over 3 months v 5 so far this year.

            Valid concern from Tex re. the race re-entry. Initially thought it would be fine, just like a tuning day really, trying to fit into a gap. But during a race someone will probably try harder and take more of a risk in trying to fit a gap, esp. when the red mist descends.

            Could this be marshaled somehow (perhaps subtract the time held back from the overall race time)? Sucks I know, but think about it this way; you will probably only pit twice and this would be a small price to pay if it meant the event actually happened.

            If enough riders support such an event and we thought laterally, we could probably provide more than adequate solutions to the concerns MCRCWA will raise.

            What do you think guys????


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              a great stress test to see if you can hit the same markers on the same line each and every lap. sprint races teach you how to pull out your best under pressure for 50-odd turns. endurance teach you to keep it up for 50-odd laps
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                MCRCWA will be fairly difficult to convince and you'll need a lot of rider support I think.
                IMO the best place to attempt to get some type of endurance race is with the C and D class at the historics. We use to run 15 lap races there and we even had a race with a compulsory pit stop with A,B,C and D grade riders all in the same race. The A and B grade riders were stopped in the pits for a certain time based on their qualifying times, as a handicap. It was pretty interesting and everyone re-entered with no real problems but it was more of a fun race rather than a serious win at all costs race.
                The historics are open to suggestions and you just need the majority of riders to agree (well that's how it use to be)
                MCRC are a great club and really look after the riders but they always have to cater for the majority of riders whilst at the same time run a state championship. If MCRC were to run it then your best bet would be to try to get it at the club round at the start of the year, but then everyone wants the 'normal' length races so as they can sort stuff out for the rest of the season.


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                  With Barbs being such a short track with limited pit space, you could only imagine say 10 bikes on track at a time.
                  It would surely be too dangerous otherwise.

                  Once the track is extended, then you've got a real chance of this working.
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                    I'd love to have a go at an endurance race. Obviously there are a number of concerns people have already pointed out, but if it could be done I'd be in for sure.


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                      Maybe those that are interested suggest it in writing (e-mail) to the club - maybe for the first club round in February/March - that way it will be formerly considered by the comps committee - who we really should appreciate more for the job they do.
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                        Originally posted by Ozboy View Post
                        With Barbs being such a short track with limited pit space, you could only imagine say 10 bikes on track at a time.
                        It would surely be too dangerous otherwise.

                        Once the track is extended, then you've got a real chance of this working.
                        They do it with 30 odd V8's so 30-40 bikes should be a breeze. Having said that, i wont support it unless it something that is long enough to have 2 riders, half the cost, its hard enough paying for a race day tearing up 1 set of tyres. I also feel being such a short tight track, having A graders out there with D graders for a long period of time would be a recipie for disaster, the closing rate of a group of riders doing 57's fighting for the lead against a group of riders doing 65's fighting thier own battle would be scary and it would happen every 7 or 8 laps.
                        I did like Tex's suggestion of taking it to historics and running it as a c/d grade event, more an equal playing field.


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                          Perhaps pair A Grader with a C_D Graded rider? So as to keep Grades together and fairer? I dont htink it would happen at MCRCWA...cos of the costs involved..but yeah perhaps Historics?
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                            Yeah think a mix of A & B Grade (even fast C ) and C&D grade could be a recipe for disaster - lapping would be hectic on a short track over two hours (and even one hour). I have no real preference but a 1hr*1rider stock bike event has its attractions and would be a start.

                            1 - gives more track time than 6 sprint races but not so much that tire wear becomes too much of a factor
                            2 - As I understand it all the soft DOT tyres are recommended for sprint races - the medium hard compound for longer races - the pace should be slightly slower though not that much, so a medium rear compound would useable and could be mandated.
                            3 - Tyre cost would be equivalent to running sprint races at one meeting - except for maybe a practice session.
                            4 - Don't have to worry about teams and the intricacies and 'politics' involved - (who pays for a damaged bike)
                            5 - You could hold two such races in one day, one for 600 and one for 1000 providing you have enough entries - though combining should be ok - except limit of 40 bikes on the track.
                            6 - Only one scheduled pit stop needed and as AE notes this could be mandatory for x amount of time - in addition it could be mandated that all bikes come in at the same time (30 mins) with a controlled (safety car/bike)? in lap before the stop and one after.

                            Whatever the merits of 1 or 2 hour I would love to see one of the clubs (or they combine to) put one on. Start writing to them
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                              I think the idea of a team of two riders has more merrit, that way both riders stay on their own bike and when you come in for the pit stop there are no concerns with refueling bikes, changing tyres etc and that way if you end up throwing the bike away it's your own bike and not someone else's bike. It's safer in the fact that the bike is already set up for the individual rider and there will be less practice time required as a rider won't have to practice on a 'new' bike that he's never ridden before.