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Crash knobs protection at high speed

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  • Crash knobs protection at high speed

    The great debate: Are oggy knobs (and other variants) ultimately beneficial or harmful to equip to a race bike?

    Street riders please contribute, but we are assuming here that the drops will be at high speed and possibly high impact, so this is not a debate about the pros of protection of tipping your bike over in the garage or at low speed. We are also assuming the bike conforms to race regs so it has engine armour to protect the cases

    After my last (well second last now) off on the Honda, I realised all the minor damage it had taken would have been prevented by oggy knobs. I have heard and seen other bikes (Tim's R6 comes to mind) that have been protected almost completely by the oggy knobs, indeed my old suzuki crashed a couple of times and wore the knobs right down, taking minimal damage.

    However, after fitting oggy knobs to my blade and examining them post crash, it seems from the direction they have bent (and the grass n shit stuck in them) that they have dug in to the dirt once the bike left the track after a lowside, possibly inducing some barrel rolls and significant damage. I've also been baulked by them before - they stick out a fair way and I've clipped them on the kerbs at turn 1 and 7 before if I get too close.

    So, what are your opinions? Have you had a crash at high speed with oggy knobs? Did they protect the bike, or cause more damage.

    Personally I've seen mixed results from knobs directly mounted to the frame, but the ones mounted via an extending arm to clear the fairing almost always end up being bent back into exhaust headers and causing damage from any significant impact.

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    FWIW, and I'm not a racer, the only time I've crashed with oggies (or equivalent) at speed (mebbe 90km/h) it tore the engine mounts out as it folded the knobs back. Without them, and just the engine case sliders, the same damage would have happened to the fairings - ie oggies at speed do zero - and my engine mount would have stayed alive.

    Secondhand now but I've also seen and heard enough to be convinced by this line - the protruding oggie, when it hits the soft stuff off the side of the track, is likely to bite in and turn a sliding bike into a tumbling bike. Whether or not other bits of the bike are just as likely to do it, I don't know.
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      Originally posted by Captain Starfish View Post
      FWIW, and I'm not a racer, the only time I've crashed with oggies (or equivalent)
      A 4" tube with a 2" piece of delrin on the end is hardly equivalent to 3" total length oggy knob. The extra leverage of that thing will always make it more likely to do damage to the engine mount.

      Nigel- How high speed are we talking? 100km/h+, or just anything that's not basically a stationary drop?
      FWIW, I had a ~40km/h lowside, where the bike didn't leave the road surface, and the oggy saved huge amounts of damage to the fairings and engine cases. It was about the most ideal crash for an oggy knob to be effective I guess.


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        I had a pretty high speed lowside entering the basin on Sunday. Long slide and the tumble in the sand. GOing quick enough for the bike to make it all the way to the tyre wall. My Woodcraft slider performed perfectly. THey are short and solid, not with a bolt hole down the middle. This gives them more surface area to slide on and less edges to grab. No frame damage, bolts are still straight. I will simply unbolt the old one (through the side so no fucking around with a mangled blot hole, and replace it. $20 job. and there is still plenty of material left.

        BTW, my Woodcraft rearsets held up really well too.

        Now to do something about my subframe that was nearly torn off.......
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          Yeah the weird thing about the 08 honda oggys is they stick out really far! I noticed that as soon as I fitted them - I think the idea is the minimise the size of the hole that needs to be drilled in the fairing, as it only needs to clear the spacer the knob is mounted on, not the width of the knob. It looks like when the bike went down, initially the only points of contact were the pickup on the swingarm, and the oggy knob - it didn't even touch the bar end. The spacer design does seem to be well thought out as the entire mounting bolt/spacer is bent, but the engine mount seems to be okay as all bending has occured in the bolt.

          And while the oggy knob may have induced the roll, the thing has been worn to all hell so could have prevented damage to something susceptible like the radiator. Having said that, that got damaged in the resulting soemersaults.

          Perhaps investing in rearsets would be a good idea as then you'd imagine the points of contact would be rearset, bar end, and engine case.

          Tim - on the track I reckon most drops would be about 100+, but yeah any feedback is good I'm just avoiding (like you said) discussion about stationary drops in the garage etc.

          EDIT - Have attached picture where you can see the mounting design of the oggy knob.
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            I had the exact same crash as you a few weeks back Nigel (lost the front in the middle of the left hander) and the oggy knob did spectacularly well. I also have solid rearsets and fairly beefy swingarm spools. My oggies are cheap no cut ones from Rated R, and they're mounted on a bracket (not direct to the engine mount).

            The fairings barely touched the ground, left clip on stayed intact, engine case didn't touch down etc etc. All the damage happened once the bike left the track and started tumbling on the grass, and I don't think the bike needs any help from oggies to start tumbling in that situation.

            I do aknowledge that there are times when oggies do more harm than good, but I'll keep using them.

            edit: About your oggy length, are you sure they're on the correct side? I know that mine are different lengths on each side, and if you put the lhs on the right it will touch down while cornering
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              The right Oggie knob did well on the low side into the basin. But the left one snapped the engine mount when I went end for end at turn 7.

              They are good in certain situations and obviously not so good in others.

              I don't intend repeating the turn 7 incident, so Oggie knobs will be a priority on the next track bike.
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                It takes a special person to crash like you did at turn 7 though Stirls!


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                  My opinion is that they save damage in some instances and cause it in others so for me I will keep the money I would have spent on them to pay for repairs when I crash.
                  My low side in turn 7 cost me $185.00 to repair which was 1/2 upper fairing and a radiator pipe. Engine case protector and rearset took most of the damage and both are still useable.
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                    well, like josh I too crashed in the basin on sunday and had oggies on (bracket style). the right one (one that hit the deck) was scraped up a bit and the bracket actually got bent and the whole thing moved. It did however protected the tank and fairings and probably saved me quite a bit.
                    However I think it could have ended quite differently depending how the bike goes into the soft stuff.
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                      Originally posted by Cam 52 View Post
                      It takes a special person to crash like you did at turn 7 though Stirls!
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                        my mates oggies saved his road fairings whilst his bike was sliding along the track, but as soon as the bike hit the grass it dug in and flipped and tore the bike into many many little pieces......


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                          Correct me if I am wrong, but Oggies are designed to save the frame and not necessarily the paintwork
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                            Originally posted by Cbr1k View Post
                            Correct me if I am wrong, but Oggies are designed to save the frame and not necessarily the paintwork
                            Well this is what the debate is about, they seem to be pretty good at saving the fairings (remember the parts that deck out on a racebike are usually armoured) but then dig in and tumble the bike, causing structural damage, or snap engine mounts etc.

                            Cam, my oggies do mount differently left and right side, but I have them correctly mounted. They stick out a lot each side haha. If you look at the photo I think they've done it to minimise the size of hole that needs cut in the fairings (if not for other reasons).


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                              I think that generally if its a low spil on flat surface they work well, at high speed as soon as there is an obstruction (curb, gutter, etc) then they can cause the bike to flip, causing more damage.
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