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    Well I've created the group, now it's time for some more discussion.

    I've been somewhat slack last month and my bike still isn't ready for racing, however there's not really a great deal left to do on it.

    Race fairings have been fitted, but not painted yet.
    Clip-ons are on. This required bringing the forks through the triples around 15mm, so I'm not sure what affect that's going to have on turning in yet. Time will tell.
    Rearsets are on, but I need to shorten the hose that goes from the reservoir to the master cylinder.
    Exhaust is on, but I also need to get the K&N filter and jets in and dyno tune the bike before it's ready to test again.
    Side stand is gone, but I've left the bracket there for now as I'm hoping to turn the bike back into a road bike during the off season so my mrs can take it for rides again, however I'm also trying to convince her to upgrade to the new RC390 when it comes out

    Yet to do:

    Lock wiring
    Remove horn
    Flush out coolant and replace with water
    Dyno tuning
    Get case covers and fit them up
    Get shark fin (toe guard) and fit to the bike
    Get new tyres before the first race round

    Oh and I'm booked for the 28th of February to get my race licence sorted

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