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  • RS250 not running right

    Ok so Ive had the RS250 for two weeks now and last night going for a ride it started to lose power then started splutering and backfiring if taken over 4000 rpm. Its under warantee, but any ideas whats wrong?

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    It could be running rich causing the spark plug not to work properly anymore.
    I had this problem with my 125 it was firing 8inch flames out the exhaust... it also had the same problems as you are describing.

    I would recommend you get yourself a new spark plug this should fix the problem just don't let it idle again keep it reveing high say 6000+ but not constantly just every so often


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      Thanx, the spark plugs are new so hopefully a clean will cure it in the short term. Didn't have these probs with my first rs250, and I treated it like a 4 stroke.

      Bike shop told me to not let it idle for long either.

      The carbies probably need some attention if running rich but I have no idea how to adjust/clean them etc.

      If ur handy in this area, beer or cash is on offer for some help.


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        I can't help you with cleaning the carbies but if you post up in the 2-Stroke section im sure someone will help you out


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          also check the compresion in the cylinders (guage screws into the spark plug hole) i had similar problem and after compresion test it told me i had a blown head gasket.


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            Was a faulty ignition electrical thingy.


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