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  • What Maked You Decide To Get An Aprilia

    Well i will start ^_^ I used to have a cbr250 and that was a nice bike to ride i sold that in october of 2009, so this time i wanted something different and i have always liked the look of the aprilias RS250 and the RS125, but i was unsure about there sound as theres haters out there. So when i got my RS125 afew months ago i picked it up from a Fellow PSBer the bike had been in a previous crash at wanneroo and this was in the advert so thats why it didn't sell so i had a long look at it and noticed there wasn't much damage and went for it It has been the best bike i have ever owned so much power from a single cyclinder 125 engine.

    I tryed to ride it on the roads but i failed so i decided to make it a bike just for the track i am in the process off doing that

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    Genuine race replica, looks and speed. Bought my first one (RS250) when I got sick of my (shitty unreliable grey import) baby ninja while on 250 class licence (8 years ago)
    Unfortuneatley I binned it on O'briens going way too fast for my skill level at the time. Recently bought a RS125 which my Missus could ride, but sold that after I decided
    I would need its bigger bro , the 250 to satisfy our (my )2T hunger . . . luckily found a good one.


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      Looks the shiz, it's Italian, puts out more power than most 250s whilst weighing a stack less, was the most comfortable and well built and equipped bike I sat on, price, bike still had a warranty, colour... it was a no-brainer.
      Click Link for My Bikes:

      Aprilia RS250
      1985 GSXR750 "Slabbie"


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        Loved my rgv so when a nice one poped up I went for a test ride.
        I told myself if it was like the rgv I wouldnt get it.....
        The bike was so much better in the handling department, it was a revelation.
        Built it up with the kit mods to give it something extra and then stumbled on another rs which I put together as a track bike...
        Now im stuck with them...... Its not all that bad I suppose


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