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  • Asian Cinema

    I'm a bit of a fan of Asian cinema, more the East, Japan, HK, China, Korea, Taiwan etc. Any recommendations of recent stuff you may have seen?

    Just watched Johnnie To's Mad Detective, great film, very clever story and a little surreal.

    I'm always looking for some little gem that I've missed somehwere. Below is a link to my dvd/blu-ray collection. It's been going a while as I'm an avid movie buff. Give you an idea of my tastes. Not that I'm a movie snob, I'll watch almost anything, if it's not a keeper though I won't buy it for my collection.

    (great cataloguing software for $25 US/free with adverts - this is just the online representation. The actual package of dvdprofiler is excellent)

    Also just wondering if anyone else is as much a sado about their films? I still have a notebook of films I'd watch and review and rate from when I was 13. I blame Margaret and David when they were on the Movie Show back on SBS in the early 90's.

    What got you started and favourite genres?
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