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    I'll start.

    Name is Paul.
    I am a software engineer currently in the wholesale electricity industry. Been coding mainly J2EE/Grails for around 15 yrs, but it's a job, computers give me the shits most days.
    I have been straddling a Z1000 for around a month now, prior to this was on a Bandit 250.
    Love to go for an organised ride but have little interest in hooning around... 'cause I'm a pussy on the big bike.
    Come to the dark side. We have Bacon.

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    Ill follow.

    Name is Mark.
    I am a sys admin currently in the residential building industry. Been doing mainly Microsoft for around 3-4 yrs, but it's a job, users give me the shits most days.
    I have been straddling a CRF450R for around a year now, prior to this was on a WR250X.
    Love to go for an organised ride but cant... 'cause I like to play mechanic and none of my bikes work.
    Project: Fix my tard! Now with extra reliability!
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      My name is Bruce

      I am a desktop tech and have worked in levels 1 to 3, mainly in large businesses and government.
      Currently working FIFO for BHP at Nickel West, Mt Keith.
      I've been paid to do this stuff since 2001 and have been messing with computers since 1987...
      I've had lots of bikes (all Japanese) and my latest was an ex cop ST1100 which I sold to travel to Africa.

      I am currently cursing Virtual Box, Norton GHOST and XP...
      Aim high and consider yourself worthy of great things


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        My Name is Jason

        I am a Senior Biomedical Technician at a major Tertiary Hospital in Perth. I have been in this role for the last 5 years, but it’s a job and they let me play with powerful lasers.
        I have an Aprilia RS250 which I have owned for around 3 years and am looking to purchase a 2012 MV Agusta F4R at the end of the year.

        Currently cursing Windows 8 and my Acer T231H touchscren.


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          I'm Justin, known as The BOFH for my evilness on my own website muhaha!

          I have a degree in Applied Physics/Electronics, before coming to Australia I was a Broadcast Engineer in the national TV station in Ireland, I started out as a bench tech, moved to satellite comms, computer graphics & ended up specialising in newsroom automation systems. I've traveled all around Europe for work & was headhunted by the vendor after I moved here for a Southern Hemisphere engineer role but turned it down because I wasn't happy with the package they offered.

          I have worked in IT support, network administration & IT management in banking, oil & gas and mining & am now a Sys Admin at Curtin Uni responsible for all the Student lab images & group policy stuff. I work mainly in VMWare for images & all the magic happens with the help of SCCM, soon to move to SCCM 2012.

          I first got on a motorbike 3 months ago & got my RE license last week, I have a Vstar 250 which I love but can't wait to get my big bike, can't decide on a Bonneville, Boulevard, Shadow, VT1300CX or my baby cruiser's big brothers, guess I'll have to do a lot of test rides

          I'm also a Libra, volunteer firey, brilliant at cooking Indian food & play guitar.
          The correct number of bikes to own = N + 1, where N is the current number of bikes you own.


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            This: VT1300CX
            Come to the dark side. We have Bacon.


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              I am Alex
              - in IT/network/telecommunications since 1992
              - working with Cisco Systems since 1999
              - taught a number of courses (Novell, Cisco) as Instructor
              - assessed as Telecommunications Engineer by Engineers Australia
              Would like to describe and explain something about inside of networks in Russia, as I took
              part in developing some service providers' networks and "Russian Railways" network. Of cause
              in case somebody will be interested in and will ask me

              Relocated to WA from Russia in July (how to say that - "last summer" or "last winter"? )
              Now ride Honda NT700 Deauville and I like its torqui engine.
              Before that, I rode only Russian bikes:
              1st was 2stroke 125cc MINSK
              2nd was 650cc boxer URAL (there are some in Australia)
              Actually my experience with HONDA includes owning two Honda Civic cars - that is why you can see me
              wearing a jacket with
              "Honda Pilots Yekaterinburg"
              on my back.
              Yes, we did races on ice of frozen lakes there. Using our cars

              At the moment looking for job and volunteering as a teacher, teaching "basic computer usage" courses
              for elder people.


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                Late to the party... but what the heck.
                Hi, Im Haroon.
                Born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland.
                - Was a Test Consultant, contracting all over the uk.
                - Headhunted for a role here in australia, working for ICWA.
                - Have been a developer, coded in php/mysql, got bored, now into automated testing, performance testing, some security testing.
                - Government pay is currently pissing me off.

                Currently riding a trusty old VT250Z, sometimes a bit faster than i should. But no-one looks twice on you on a smaller bike.
                waiting for HR to get their shit together, and immigration to resolve the Sponsership before i can apply for my PR and get the heck outta government and into a proper job again.


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