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  • Update for trip!!!


    I just spoke to DONovan and we have decided to chop the trip down a little bit because we suck at organising stuffs.... so heres the plan, we leave on Friday and go to Dunsborough stay there on Friday night and Saturday night (we might change it a bit if we feel like going somewhere else on the Saturday night we can all decide that at the time) and back on Sunday....

    I need some definate numbers for accommodation...

    This place looks as good as any, they have 6 bed rooms and 4 bed rooms so we can grab a couple of the 6's and a 4 or something depending on how many people are coming, accomm is 30 bucks a night per person and all linen and stuff is included, its right on the beach as well so we can get smashed and do beach angels or whatever...

    so post up if you are coming!! and I will book the accomm...

    Don will be posting up the route

    Dunsborough Backpackers - Beachfront Accommodation, Western Australia
    In rod we trust.

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