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  • Bandit mods

    Not sure if I'm recreating for the sake of it, but thought I'd suggest that we all list the mods we have done so far as a ready reference for other bandit riders that might join the group.
    I think most are probably on this thread in one way or another.

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    Ok. My bike Is a 07 but sold in 09, to me. SILVER ABS 1250SA.
    My mods:
    YOSHIMURA trs carbon pipe/can,
    COX RACING radiator guard,
    TPO emission (PAIR) removal kit,
    METRICK METAL resistor
    ZERO GRAVITY double bubble screen,
    K&N air filter,
    COMPETITION WERKES fender eliminator,
    AMC rego tube,
    DYNOJET pc3,
    HEALTECH gear indicator with built-in advanced timing retard eliminator,
    Catalytic converter removed "free",
    Airbox lid cut out "free",

    My youtube channel


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      07 Silver Suzuki GSF1250SA (ABS)
      GiPro Gear indicator with auto TRE
      Springwood suzuki tank pad
      Full Givi touring kit
      BMC Filter
      Opened air box
      PCIII with 02 sensor removal
      -1 tooth front
      Yoshimura Titanium exhaust
      6 shooter bar ends
      Arrow race headers
      LED Indicators ( flush mount front) with no load flasher
      Warp speed radiator guard
      Ventura Light Guard
      TPO parts Pair removal plates (emissions control). Resistor included to allow removal of PAIR solenoid (stops FI light after removal)
      Narva +50 H7 bulbs
      Triboseat (stops the wife sliding into me under heavy braking)
      Bugs and paint chips

      127HP and 97ft'lb of torque. Tune by Todd Patterson @ Wayne Pattersons Ducati, Bunbury WA
      Ducati Bunbury: Wayne Patterson's Motorcycle Centre

      Yet to be dyno'd for the Arrow race headers.

      Next mods:
      Modify a GSF650 hugger to suit the Bandit
      Heated grips
      Secondary butterfly removal
      Dyno tune


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        2001 GSF1200S in Blue 81,250km as of 12/05/2010

        Mods so far;
        - Ventura Tail Rack and Bag
        - Tank protector skins (3M type clear stuff, can't recall brand)
        - Viper stainless steel bolt-on exhaust (fitted yesterday)

        plus extra road grime as it is a commuter that does a daily run of 130km, rain, hail, or shine.

        Wondering what to do & airbox mods? Possibly also a throttle lock and heated grips or electric gloves.


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          throttle lock and heated grips
          This in my opinion.
          Much more useful for your daily grind i recon


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            Bike = 2008 silver ABS
            Givi topbox
            Skidmarx hugger
            Beowulf muffler
            home grown seat mods (more to come) EDIT: Now sporting a GSX650F seat
            home grown underseat storage mods
            R&G racing frame sliders
            Radguard radiator guard
            AMHP hadlight protector
            home grown TRE
            Fuel is at +2% at 50% throttle and up

            Soon to be (the parts are sitting in the shed, just have to get off my arse and fit em up)
            TPO PAIR block off EDIT: Done
            17T front sproket EDIT: Done and changed back to 18T as I prefer it the bigger sprocket.
            Speedo correction EDIT: Done

            Wish list/soon
            linear fork springs (1.1????) and diff weight oil (5 or maybe 7.5) EDIT: Changed oil to 7.5 which has made a bit of a difference
            brake pads
            braided brake lines

            Reflash ECU to open 2ndarys 100% or the time EDIT: Still haven't done this cause I'm friggin slack
            cat removal

            Dream about
            larger TB's (busa/GSX1400)
            larger injectors (busa/GSX1400)


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              If you can open the secondaries with software then let me know.I'm keen as mustard. With no ram air or different cams I doubt bigger injectors or throttle bodies would help mate.


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                agree reddog, bigger TB's and injectors is more a - wonder if it'd work or do anything. probably more close to a - if i had heaps of $$$$$$ and didn't worry if i blow stuff up, i'd have a crack

                block off plate turned up yesterday, bikes in bits. should be finished by next weekend (family day tomorrow)

                ECU reflash can be done (I don't have Ozzie maps tho so some work to do on that front) but i'm looking into if it can be done thru OBD plug instead of adding another harness to do it.


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                  Heres a list of my mods

                  Ventura rack - bolts on to the grab handle mounts(means you lose the handle)
                  Crash knobs - no name from Hong Kong on ebay
                  DIY Radiator guard - made from SS mesh $30
                  Sheepskin seatcover - Sheepy Hollow(also raised the seat)
                  Twin headlights - Justbandits
                  Smaller Mirrors - Rizoma
                  Gel Seat - Ebay
                  Yoshimura R77 slip on muffler

                  Check it out in the Garage section

                  More mods will have to wait as other things are using up my funds right now


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                    Black 08 1250s

                    Scorpion carbon pipe
                    Arrow headers
                    Aftermarket TRE
                    Goodridge braided lines with race pads
                    Upgraded oil in front forks
                    K&N filter
                    Air box modified
                    Fender eliminator
                    Flush front indicators, rear mini indicators
                    Heated grips
                    Touring screen


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                      Hi Bandit heads,

                      Been a bit since i've been on here.

                      Have just spoken with a company called Waggott Cams regarding cam re-grinding. Although they are yet to actually
                      grind any cams for the 1250 particularly, they have ground plenty of cams for Gsx-r 1000 to 1300 and mention
                      that they have enough specs for a motor size of 1250.

                      I replied with "i'll check with the mechanic" as the contact, Pete, mentioned a price of around the $250 mark for
                      both cams plus freight.

                      If there is not too much involved in the way of cost for remove & replace and reasonable gains can be expected
                      without too much other work e.g. porting, valves or compression ratios then it could be next on the cards.

                      keep you informed.


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                        Noticed that there was a listing for a Zero Gravity Double Bubble screen in amongst the mods, would you consider this an improvement to the standard, does it throw the air over your helmet etc. How much, where from and was it easy to fit, looks good?

                        Also, I have a pair of GIVI panniers, thinking of adding a V46 Givi topbox, noticed this was listed too, how does it look, would you have a picture?


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                          More pic's of it here
                          Hello from Ian in Broken Hill, NSW

                          Got it from here. around $200delived
                          Zero Gravity Double Bubble

                          Only got it from there coz i needed it quick, but it finally got here after 6weeks. 4weeks to late.
                          I'm about 6.4' and still get a little helmet buffet.
                          REARDO: SUZUKI BANDIT 1250 SA

                          My youtube channel



                          • #14
                            2010 Blue GSX1250FA
                            Full Givi touring kit
                            K&N Air Filter
                            Opened air box
                            Dobeck Piggyback ECU (Dale Walker Mods) Stage 2 Tune
                            Arrows headers
                            Yoshimura S/S R77 Can
                            Radguard radiator guard
                            Metrick Metal Pair/Evap removal kit
                            Pyramid Plastic Fenda Extender
                            Racetech Fork springs & Goldvalve kitted
                            Cogent rear shock


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