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  • spark plug change on 1250

    hey fella's, ,tried to change the plugs on the old girl the other day with the tank off and could not even get to one plug, is this a nightmare job I should leave to a shop or is there a secret I am not aware of.
    I like to learn how to do these things to save a bit of coin, but am happy to pay if the job is too much trouble.
    Any advice appreciated.


  • #2
    I found it easiest to use the supplied plug tools. slip it into the plug hole and use one of the open enders on the exposed end and away you go.

    the outboard plugs are best done from the side of the bike IMO
    the inboard plugs can be a pain with all the crap in the way but it is doable without too much trouble

    Don't overtighten the plugs when you put them back in. they only need 11Nm according to the manual so just a nip up really.


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      I just used my sidchrome 1/4 3/8 socket set and got them out piece of piss. But I did have the thermostat removed at the time and had thrown away the PAIR system


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        Thanks for the info fellas, but I can't even get the rubber housing (is it the coil) out of the plug hole, it fouls on the frame.
        Probably best to take it to the shop.



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          Just wriggle it, it'll come out. Trust me.

          You have the fairing off right?


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            you've gotta pull the coil up until it hits the frame then slightly and gently lean it outboard and it will come out.


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