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  • RAC discount

    Hey guys I've been in contact with Kim at RAC about prices he has agreed to some sort of discount but hasn't said to what price . He wants me to come up with a fair deal (eg: for example he's got a porche club that do these regularly so he's offed them 25 cars cost for 30 cars so 5 free and worked out between them total cost each).
    now we aren't a club and we have some that are regulars in these group private sessions and some that aren't so Kim would rather reward the guys that are regulars which I said that's fair.
    Now how do we go about this ? Has anyone got a idea, just remember it's trying to keep this easy to workout not so complicated
    For example in this list in the loop there's about 5 ppl so far roughly that are new to the list that haven't been regulars .

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    Coffee shop loyalty card type of thing? 3 sessions in a row get the 4th free.
    Best I can do to describe the issue is this.

    But now it's a bit more like this
    BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-R-R-r-r-r-r-r-, shift



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      not sure about Free but maybe half price or a discount I do like the Idea of a hot dog and a drink after


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        I think the easiest way to do it is pay 25 riders for 30 riders and keep a tally of regulars that do these at a say for instance
        if you do a 3 or 4 a year you'll get the discount and the ones who aren't regular pay full price at $100 dollars .
        so once I've got the numbers I can workout what's left to pay for the regulars

        total cost $2500
        10 non regular riders at $100 =$1000

        $2500 total cost for session
        -$1000 - 10 non regulars
        =$1500 left over

        So 20 riders / $1500
        =$$75 EH

        I'll just have to keep a tally of riders.
        we know the regulars so it's just a matter of keeping a tally on others when it goes to the loop to foil numbers.

        ill see how I go with this to Kim on Wednesday


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          ok so firstly I have to be the smart arse so we'll get out the way now...I had to read you post 4 times to get it! is that me or you??

          lol anyway, I think your idea is fair where non regulars pay full price and discount is spread evenly over the rest of the group (so they pay slightly less each time) however you'll have to be careful how you post costs etc on the open forum cos if someone finds out they will cry for sure and you can do without the grief
          good on you for keeping these going and arranging them all
          Don't ride faster than your guardian angel can fly...


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            Haha I did my best to explain it lol
            Im sure u get it sooner or later ��


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              how much do i owe you then Dave?
              Originally posted by Macca
              The Correct number of bikes to own is n+1, where n equals the number of bikes you currently own (This is simplified and doesn't take into account the wife modifier )


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                AND THEN ???
                I hope to be doing Trackdayz Oct 1 group2 or 3


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