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  • 13th Ride Update

    Well, what a nice surprise the Como Hotel was.
    The best lamb shanks I have ever had, yummy.
    We had 10 people come along, but only 2 brave bike riders.
    We had one member eating kangaroo maybe that will put more bounce in his step,
    haha, sorry me trying to be funny.
    A couple of open fires nice and cosy, defiantly somewhere I will go back to.
    A fun night and best of all, this time I stayed dry!

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    Apologies to everyone for the no show on Tuesday. I hurt my back last week, and coping with work I finished late and the ride was the last thing on my mind when I collapsed on the couch that evening.
    Originally posted by Skut
    ...the problem is that no-one wants to listen to an expert, just to have their own position/circumstance supported or be acknowledged.


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      got a better offer, more like it


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      The Red Circle means the circle around the speed limit signs. Speed limit only rides.
      For new riders wishing to meet other riders.
      We are quite a active group, with activities such as ten pin bowling,karaoke,and quiz nights a great way to meet new people.
      All our rides include dinner at some great resturants.
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