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  • 22nd Ride Update

    Well 15 people tonight and what a amazing menu, the food was great and the venue was awesome. Will definitely be going back there. A big thankyou to Russell for doing the quiz questions and the winner this time was Eleanor, well done. We had a great ride there and back with a few nobbie car drivers one that kept slowing down to do texting on his phone. Rod kept blowing his horn at him. I will be putting our next ride up soon. Hope to see you all then. Cheers.

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    Two thumbs up for the Left Bank and the company


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    The Red Circle means the circle around the speed limit signs. Speed limit only rides.
    For new riders wishing to meet other riders.
    We are quite a active group, with activities such as ten pin bowling,karaoke,and quiz nights a great way to meet new people.
    All our rides include dinner at some great resturants.
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