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  • 29th Ride Update

    Well what a beautiful night for a ride we had perfect weather. 17 of us altogether and what a interesting ride we had there, with one rider going the wrong way 2 riders followed, our poor tech was by himself when I get a call on my headset to say he didn't know where they where. So we all pull over and wait for tec but no sign of the other 3. We finally get to dinner half a hour late. Also our missing 3 turn up as I had told them all where we where going, so we all arrive and what a lovely surprise we all get. Alex is back from China and he brought all of us a gift, they where all so lovely, thanks heaps Alex. The winner of our quiz was Russell, well done. I was not overly impressed with the food at this place and it was very dark inside, not somewhere that I would rush back to. It was a fun night with lots of laughs at the table which was good. Had a great ride back which was good fun too. Well have been given a few ideas for next time will post it up as soon as its organized. Hope to see you all then, cheers.

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Red Circle Riders

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The Red Circle means the circle around the speed limit signs. Speed limit only rides.
For new riders wishing to meet other riders.
We are quite a active group, with activities such as ten pin bowling,karaoke,and quiz nights a great way to meet new people.
All our rides include dinner at some great resturants.
Type: Invite Only
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