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    Leisurely Country Ride - Sun 12 Jan
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    Sunday, January 12, 2014
    8:00 AM

    Gosnells Railway Markets
    Cnr Albany Hway and Fremantle Rd, Gosnells (map)

    This will be an easy ride suitable for new riders, or those riders just starting to extend themselves to include country riding.

    Without getting too organised I'll try and match up newer riders with a more-experienced rider (so I'm looking for some helpers thanks), and we'll head off in small, self-contained groups.

    Meetup 08:00am at the Gosnells Markets for an 08:30am departure.

    You'll need a fully-fuelled bike, and you'll have checked and prepared the bike beforehand - so tyre pressures, chain tension, chain lubrication, fluid levels etc will all be sorted before you arrive at the meet point. If you have a hydration pack then I'd suggest you bring that. Consider also to start hydrating yourself a few days prior to the ride by drinking a bit of extra water (but don't drown yourself which is possible).

    Be aware that on the country roads we'll be adhering to the posted speed limit - so be prepared to dial yourself and your bike up to 110kmh. Mental and physical fatigue can catch new riders out - concentrating at higher speeds for longer durations in unfamiliar territory, so we'll be taking regular breaks. Pack energy bars or snakes to munch on, and fluids as well.

    I don't have a route in mind as yet - but expect to be out for most of the day. I might set things up so we have a peel-off group that finishes 1/2 way through the day, whilst those willing to stay out longer can continue on.

    To help me with the planning - as you RSVP please leave a comment if you're a helper or if you want to be buddied up in a group.

    *** Please note that no one who helps out or assists on this ride is offering or providing any form of instruction or tuition etc, we are merely providing the opportunity to ride in a small group on country roads. ***
    *** Please also note that motorcycle riding, sidecar driving, and pillioning are dangerous activities and you participate at your own risk. Organisers take no responsibility for any injury, accident, or vehicle damage, and are excluded from any liability. If you don't accept complete responsibility then don't ride with us. ***

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The Red Circle means the circle around the speed limit signs. Speed limit only rides.
For new riders wishing to meet other riders.
We are quite a active group, with activities such as ten pin bowling,karaoke,and quiz nights a great way to meet new people.
All our rides include dinner at some great resturants.
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