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  • Grooming

    Has anyone got any advice on beard grooming?

    Do you trim with anything - a razor, electric, trimmer? I'm trying to work out how to avoid getting too neckbeard-y and keep the general shape consistent.

    Also any tips on stopping beard dandruff? Just a regular shampoo or a beard-specific product? I've been using a Nature's Own style anti-dandruff shampoo and it seems to work for a few days and then get really dry again, after giving it a quick comb to neaten it up I tend to end up with a slight snowfall on my chest.

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    Growing a full beard, i dont trim. When i did have designer stubble, i had a phillips beard trimmer.

    Neck - depends on your face i guess. I start about 3cm in from my jawline to begin with, and let it creep down about 1cm every 2 weeks. Rest of the beard should cover it as it goes.

    Dandruff - Jojoba oil. Sounds womanly, and it is. But rub a 5c piece worth in each morning and keeps things silky and hydrated. And have a shampoo with no sulfates (same for head hair). Otherwise everytime you stroke your glorious beard it will snow skin flakes.


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      I cut back to 0 on my neck with a pair of clippers, and use scissors to trim up the 'stache.
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        I religiously use a Phillips electric trimmer for the beard, 0 on my neck and various lengths afterwards as my beard doesn't exactly grow consistently.

        As for the dandruff effect, I borrow whatever girls moisturiser is on hand haha
        Originally posted by boeman
        Well it wouldn't have been fair to have a beard, a hot young missus AND a nice bike, now would it?

        I mean fuck, im not a selfish cunt.
        Originally posted by Chuck Steak
        Well fuck off then. And wherever you decide to fuck off to, keep telling them Perth is a shithole - it may help minimise the number of fuckwits/arseholes (can’t decide which word is more appropriate ) that move here.


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