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  • HRCA FAQ. ftw

    1. Who's in charge? No-one. This is a socialist collective for make great benefit members. Spock and Lolly are our spiritual leaders, presently on an honourable break from sports riding whilst they mud wrestle. Whilst they're on a career break, you can contact Nick(erz) by PM or 0418 916742, or Adam (Ghetto) who's number is only known to the Prime Minister, The Queen and NASA. Unless he choses to post it here.

    2. When do we ride? First Sunday of each month, weather permitting. Rides will be postponed to the following week if/when necessary. Gather like lemmings from 8.30am and we'll jump off the cliff at 9am. Leave point tbc, just to keep you entertained. You'll be PM'd in the week prior to the ride.

    3. How do we ride? Check Themz the Rulz.

    4. Can I invite a friend? Yes, but please see Inviting Members.

    5. My partner won't let me come play today, can you help? Yes. Get a new partner.

    6. My bike's a bunky, can I come play? Only if your name's Sprint.

    7. Where do we go? Routes to be confirmed. SpeedTrip knows every road in WA (all four of them) but we'll endeavour to figure out a nice round loop each trip, with fuel stops calculated for the shortest range tanks. That'll be the bunky then.

    8. I gots the latest missile and the mad skillz. Can you keep up with me? No. We'll let you disappear off into the bush at the first corner you can't get around. No heroes or egos here - we all play nice. Well, most of us.
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    Our group for former HRCA riders (not all Hondas!). We're keeping this invite only not to exclude others but maintain a manageable and predictable group of quality riders who we trust and enjoy riding with once a month.
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