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  • Trakdayz 2nd Jan – Group 3

    Hey peoples. If anyone wants to up their skills at the track, several of us are booked into Trakdayz level 3 on Jan 2nd. Yeah it'll be stinky hot but what a good way to start the new year.

    Gp 3 will suit our sort of pace, and if the groups get over subscribed and 3 and 4 get combined again, you can always drop to 2b away from the hard core racer guys.

    In so far: Nickerz, CaptCrash, shortSteve, Buck

    Hope to see you there
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    i think thats when the next beer fest will be on
    As a general rule, the better it felt when you said it, the more trouble it's going to get you into.

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      do they run a begginer (no idea what level that is) on the same day Nick?

      would love to come along, but i have never done an official track day yet, only the HRCA muck around ones.


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        They do (Group 1) but it is all booked out.
        We are small and exposed, and probably moving too fast for our own good, but that's no reason not to enjoy every minute of the ride.


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          ah, bugger.

          thanks for the heads up mate.


          • #6
            I'm in.... Sounds bloody good.
            soon to be on the dirt...


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              YYEEEESSSSSS!!!! Group 3 was on the money

              Will try to make Chews BBQ to talk beer and bike!
              soon to be on the dirt...


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