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  • Road report 1 Jan 2011 - Balingup > Nannup Rd

    Yo good peoples

    So comically I wound up caging it down the infamous Balingup Nannup Rd. Here's the low and highlights:

    1. I followed 3 x 4x4s. Two of them cut the corners badly. And they're (dirt) bikers. BE CAREFUL
    2. I met 3 x 4x4s with caravans coming the other way cutting corners badly. BE CAREFUL
    3. The first major left hander that's always gravel strewn is even more so. There's a business on the LHS of the road so that's your marker. BE CAREFUL
    4. Lostsomegrip's tree. Not looking so mossy. Win but still proceed with caution
    5. LHS of the lower section of the road past the open section - they're clearing the forest. Lots of diggers, sseveral gravel built entry roads which are spewing gravel in from the left quite badly. BE CAREFUL
    6. Quite a bit of debris in the very woody section where you're parallel with the river

    Apart from that surface wise it's looking sweet...if a little narrow when in a cage. Gives you some perspective - I was cruising at 80-90 and thought crikey if a bike was coming the other way at 150 or so, this is narrow. It's almost worth doing a sighting lap, or the lead takes each bend wide for visibility and with plenty of caution.

    Also did the highway Nannup to Bussleton - nice chance to stretch your legs
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Our group for former HRCA riders (not all Hondas!). We're keeping this invite only not to exclude others but maintain a manageable and predictable group of quality riders who we trust and enjoy riding with once a month.
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