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  • FHRC on Facebook?

    Good people.

    So. We're two rides into 2012, and so far it's been a 3 and a 2 bike show. Not really an issue, but I get a sense the momentum of the group is fading. I've bumped into several folks who used to ride with us, and every one says 'oh I forget to check the group' or 'is it still going?' and until PSB enhance the groups functionality, I'm going to backup the rides using (private) Facebook events.

    Now I realise a few notable core members aren't on Facebook, but if you want to you can always start up a largely anonymous profile - so long as you have a valid email address you don't need to ratify a real name. Facebook's event function is really useful as it alerts group members of a new event, updates the whole group when there's a change of detail, and you can respond 'yes, no or maybe'. Given the low turnout so far this year I think it's worth a try. If there's few responses I can make a call to cancel rather than wondering if folks are going to show or not. I can also extend the ride to other know riders privately without going public on PSB. I think it's worth a shot.

    Our rides are still great. Whilst the roads are getting ever busier, enforcement getting ever heavier, and the obvious hazards remain, we still have a window to ride well. Given these risks and the riding we do it may sound contrary, but my top priority is reducing risk as much as possible. This means competent riders, well maintained machinery, and safety in numbers. It's this last point we're struggling with.

    A tight group of half a dozen is fine…until 3 or 4 of that can't make it to any given ride. And that's fine – life is life and we're all busy, me in particular. However, for me the ideal country ride has more than two bikes, as that basically that results in a lead and a TEC. This gives no options or support should a mechanical or (let's pray it never happens) other type of issue arise. Safety in numbers and all.

    If we want to keep these rides going it may be necessary to add some new blood. I'll see if any worthy contenders show themselves at other country rides. Trust me, and I reflect everyone else's sentiment, I don't want an open house – it's alarming that each time I read a PSB country thread someone's had some kind of drama. We certainly don't want this, but neither do I want to flog a dead horse. I could turn to more track days to get my riding fix, but I don't want to buy yet more gear just at this time.

    So here's to some epic kms in 2012. Let me know who is and isn't on Facebook at the mo. You can find me easy enough

    See you out there comrades
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    Sounds good to me...yes I'm on Facebook....Mark Bohle


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      Sorry I missed the last 2 rides Nick, today's Chinese new year eve for me (and also I only found out about today's ride when I just log on).
      Another reason for the poor turnout so far this year might be some people are used to monthly rides on the first Sunday of the month (or 2nd Sunday if there's double demerits).

      But Facebook sounds like a good idea as it sends out notifications to your email so you know when to check if there's a ride planned, plus I'm already your Facebook friend.

      Thanks for taking the time and trouble to plan the rides and definitely looking forward to the rides in 2012 as they're about the only rides I do.

      And happy year of the dragon to everyone!


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        FB = Mathew Flynn
        They hung a sign up in our town "If you live it up, you won't live it down"-Tom Waits


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          i have no facebook friends...

          seriously though, i am not on facebook and don't really want to be. but your idea sounds like a good one, and i totally agree that a 200-300km ride can be dangerous when there are only 2 of you. happy for you to haze a couple of new members, or call in some ringers if the numbers for a ride are looking low.

          i am happy to keep checking in here every few days to keep myself in the loop with rides, details, changes of plans, etc.
          so as long as you keep posting in this forum, as well as facebook, that will do me fine.


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            An FHRC private facebook group?

            Relevant to my interests.
            FEADCinc, PSB?


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              Sounds like an idea Nikerz,
              I rearely get on PSB too much these days, and when I do I forget to check the group
              I dont log onto FB much either, but at least when I do it informs me of new events.
              Or the other option is to send out a group PM of up coming rides (this then becomes a responsibility I know), but I do still do get notified by email of a PM.


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                I check the group, but to be honest, I haven't touched my bike in about three months now :o
                Happy for it to go on Facebook


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                  Use Facebook a lot less than PSB but agree, tis better for group notices.

                  Still looking for a new bike, very nearly shook hands on one today. One day....

                  Edit - Got one
                  - Mike


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                    Facebook will be good. Sorry to miss the last ride, in Thailand right now.


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                      As most of you know I am not on Stalkbook and not planning to be.

                      Nick, if you want to put it on facebook aswell as PSB for those that use Facebook more than this or find it more user friendly then I guess it cant hurt. I will stick with old school phones, face to face chats and PSB to see when rides etc are on.


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                        Good idea Nick, I have Facebook.
                        Live life on the limit!!!

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