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  • P.I. Motogp 2013 and more

    All this talk of track days and rides has prompted me to start a thread with the P.I. GP 2013 in mind. I know its a long way off but I'm feeling very organised today.

    I will be doing P.I. again next year and I am fairly sure there is a ride day after the GP, so we (myself and 2 or 3 mates) will be hitting the most awesome roads through NSW & Vic with local guides in tow (probably grab Mex at some point if he is there and mobile, loved the twisty way to Bright from Mt Beauty, Mex), watch the boys play on the Island and then hang around for a couple of extra days and give a pathetic impersonation of their talent before heading maybe to Adelaide or Geelong and shipping the bikes home. I dont do the Nullabor anymore.

    I have contacts in Sydney for delivery and storage of bikes as well as a friend on the Island who has a LARGE kitted out shed for storage and/or staying as well as contacts near Geelong, which just happens to be near the start of the Great Ocean Road. Houses on the Island can easily be nailed by March next year. Our shipping and airfares came to $1700 last time we did this as a guide with $300/head for a "sleeps 12" house for 6 days on the Island.

    Accom and food is a lot cheaper than here and is generally readily available. e.g. cheapest stay was a pub in Bombala (similar to the Freemasons in Bridgie) for $60/head we got two twin share rooms, any meal off the menu board and a cooked brekkie (as long as it was bacon and eggs). Dearest was $60/head a night with no tucker but decent pub grub in the country towns is $25-$28 for a surf and turf.

    My cunning planning will be starting soon. Just be warned there are riders (Jonesy and I) on this trip who are only concerned with pumping out km's on twisty roads averaging 500kms a day with twisties similar to Nannup-Ballingup but nicer surfaces and with white lines in the middle. 500 may not sound much but with average speeds of 70-100kmh going fairly hard for 300 of the 500 can be taxing. Some are also a bit wussy (Col and Symesie) and take short cuts and sit at cafe's while detours up and down mountains are taken.

    Booking ahead for overnight stays usually entails ringing pubs, chalets etc at lunch time that day so variations in routes can be accomodated as necessary depending on conditions.

    Think about it as by March next year it will be virtually locked in and booking will occur.

    This is the tourer geared up for two weeks of twisty pleasure with three other bikes, one obscured. Dont let the machinery fool you, they are stayers not players. And we welcome any machines in spite of the twin line up.

    P.S. The Phillip Island contact is happy for anyone we can send his way to stay in his shed for track days, races etc. He is a pensioner, ex rider (injuries) and will whore the shed out for C.Ash. If he likes you he may put on spit roasts and bonfires as well. Country folk, I love 'em.
    The shed has a hot shower, toilet and he has started lining it. 3.5kms from the center of Cowes on 5 acres. His Uncle was a founding member of the club that built the original track.
    They hung a sign up in our town "If you live it up, you won't live it down"-Tom Waits

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    Sounds awesome, will have a sleep or two on it and let you know. A jap 1000 would look out of place there haha.
    We are small and exposed, and probably moving too fast for our own good, but that's no reason not to enjoy every minute of the ride.


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      The blue one is a jap 1000? As long as you dont bring a Harley all is sweet.
      The BMW hire bike rider will have his own by the next run but cant decide what to get yet.
      The deadcati is being put on ice for a return to showroom condition, it has 60,000 on the clock.
      They hung a sign up in our town "If you live it up, you won't live it down"-Tom Waits


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