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  • Ok lads - its a 4 dayer - who is in?

    Settling into my new job well, so I think I'm up to organising another ride for us all. I really want to get to Denmark this year though so am planning it as a 4 dayer rather than 3.

    Basic itinerary looks like this;
    Pack trailer and kit on Thursday 15 November
    Depart am Friday 16 November o/n Bridgetown
    Depart am Sat 17 Nov o/n Denmark
    Depart am Sun 18 Nov o/n Pemberton
    Depart am Mon 19 Nov return Perth (via the twisty way you softies!)

    Accommodation will be a mix of backpackers to nice lodgings - but it will not necessarily be that cheap as we are only a night in each place.

    We'll need a support driver (preferably two). We've got the trailor, and we may have a 4wd - but if others can offer that please do.

    So get the word out to the regulars for me - as I need numbers asap.

    Love to be flexible on the dates but the weekend after is the Bridgetown blues festival and after that it might just be getting too stinky hot.

    Now, I'm off to tell Spock

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    oh - I could be persuaded to go for 16 Nov - 19 Nov which means we won't be riding around when the garden festival is on but that hasn't been an issue for us in the past (I don't think).


    • #3
      I should not have played those now I just want to be there... Can not make Nov 1 sadly but 16-19 is good


      • #4
        Have a wedding to attend on sat Nov 3, no plans as yet for 16-19 nov though.
        Riding - Living the dream...


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          already booked in for Collie Trackdayz on Nov 10th, so i will be heading down there on Fri 9th.

          as much as i would love to, i'm doubtful that i can take that amount of time off in November... i have a project tender going out that week so i am going to be flat out!


          • #6
            Boo-hiss Martin! Its only 2 little days

            Rabbit - Sam if consens goes it - lets do 16-19 nov.


            • #7
              yeah, yeah... i know i know...

              Also regarding the 2-4 Nov - i think it would be a no go for Nickerz due to his close involvement with this: Perth Sustainability Jam | Global Sustainability Jam

              Honestly I won't know how busy i am until the week or two before, so probably best not to commit to coming at this point, i don't want to bail out at the last minute.


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                Ok - change to date now set in stone (so I can get on and make accom bookings).

                Martin1 - maybe you could do the Friday, stay somewhere closer on the Sat and turn back on Sun?


                • #9
                  Sigh, prior engagement on the 17th.

                  If all goes well I may meet up on the Sunday somewhere.

                  I am without the storm ATM while it gets patched up and have been banned from country runs on the, shared with my son, SV650S due to my little party trick.

                  Was a borderline writeoff, but due to only superficial damage I O.K.'d second hand bits. All approved and repairs beginning soon. New helmet also required.

                  So I'll need to confirm when I get that back as the KLR250 is just no good over 100kmh.
                  They hung a sign up in our town "If you live it up, you won't live it down"-Tom Waits


                  • #10
                    On noes Chew!! Change your plans & beg/borrow/steal a bike!


                    • #11
                      Too far ahead for me to plan as yet because the better halves shifts are not out yet
                      To be honest I'm doubtful as I will be a staff member down due to leave and should be a newly licensed pilot accumulating hours
                      It's better to be thought stupid than open your mouth and remove all doubt

                      Pure speed in sixth gear on a 5,000 foot straightaway is one thing, but pure speed in third gear on a gravel-strewn, downhill, ess turn is quite another.
                      Hunter S. Thompson


                      • #12
                        Out for Ride but happy to take a few days off for support vehicle duties.

                        Also I have heard that you are looking for the 2010 video Lolly



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                          Cannot make it am back inthe ussr mid nov
                          Originally posted by Bendito
                          If we get to a stop and we are missing a dozen bikes and you are last, it was your fault. Don't be that guy. No one likes that guy.


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                            that video is friggin awesome! Sorry you can't make it Gozer

                            Ghetto - thanks heaps for offering to drive. I'm sure we will all be happy to take turns doing a stint of driving so you can get some time on the bikes. I certainly will be happy to throw you the keys (particularly on the way home ).

                            So far we have in:
                            RC Sam
                            Sprint (I haven't heard but I'm taking it as a given that you'll be in )
                            Big Nath - a tentative but looking positive.

                            We have a friend from Denmark who may join us and a friend in Canada we are hoping can come over for it as well. I haven't heard from Lewis yet or Nickerz or a few others.

                            Get the word out! But lets not put the destination in the main thread as I don't want the popo looking in on us.



                            • #15
                              Ok just touched base with Nickerz. He may only be able to do 3 days. I have booked the first night for Bridgetown – same place as last year. Martin / Chew if you guys could join us on Friday and stay an extra night there join us for a sprint south but then turn around earlier to head back to B/town while we head onto Denmark. Then you’ll be home on the Sunday arvo. Let me know what you think so I can let the chalet folk know.


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