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  • Manly rides

    No, not reverse cowboy or a teepee full of native american indian gals, but Sunday morning rides. Crashing this minly group cos you biyatches are all here.

    Given discussions on Thu @ the learner ride, it seems we're not riding manly enough. So ima gonna instigate the Sunday Morning club. Short sharp cunt tree rides. Brung your kahunas cos it'll be take no prisoners. We stop for fuel and pies only. Watch out for posts in da loop, will get through a busy month or two then spy a cold dry weekend to give it a go.

    I wanna see certain metro only boys out there playing apexes like they're clits, capiche?
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    hahahaha GOLD Mr Nickerz.....
    Live life on the limit!!!

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      And about fuckin time to!!!
      I have heard of Sane women, but I have also heard of unicorns!!!


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        Had a bit of a trial of the above this weekend, missed getting my hoon on around some like minded people.
        We are small and exposed, and probably moving too fast for our own good, but that's no reason not to enjoy every minute of the ride.


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          Fuggin BANG!!
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          Fuggin' BANG!!


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