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  • Ride - Tuesday 6th March 2018

    Hello all

    I will lead another ride (Tuesday this time) We will be meeting at the Puma on Kewdale Road from 6pm... we will head off at 6.30pm.

    This is a new ride that I have mapped out and it is a Hills run... so if you are afraid of the dark, kangaroo's or the bush - maybe not the ride for you.

    We will be finishing up at the Brooklands Tavern in Southern River for drinkies and a bite to eat.

    Hope to see you all then and also happy for you to bring your friends if you think they will enjoy the ride too (and they are not learners)
    Cheers Kaz \m/ \m/

  • #2
    I'm in, but prefer to keep my kangaroos at a distance.

    Happy to ride TEC as well, I'm not going to be as fast as you guys I reckon. I've discovered 150ks+ stops being fun with the amount of wind in the riding position on my bike. I've also only got about 500 more rpms left at that speed...


    • #3
      All good Garrett, being TEC is an important job and I thank you for putting your hand up ��
      Cheers Kaz \m/ \m/


      • #4
        maybe in depends on parts and how fast i can fir them


        • #5
          Hungover and tired from Bali
          The Blade is in bits after this mornings attempt to fit new fairings.
          Might come past meet point if I have time.


          • #6

            Thanks for the run tonight, was good fun. Not the best quality video, but this bit was sick.


            • #7
              no idea when i will be back out to play


              • #8
                Yeah coming down that hill is a wicked sight hey Garrett. Evan looks saf on his bike lol

                Doug... sorry
                Cheers Kaz \m/ \m/


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