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  • Weekender 16th to 18th of July

    OK so we are finally getting this shit sorted again and it will have to be this weekend rather that the 2/7 due to me getting old and frail.

    Let me know who is in and also whether you would rather stay 2 nights in the 1 place or a different place each night

    Will let you know the meet point details etc a little closer to the date

    Joel and I decided today that we will be staying at Pemberton backpackers the Saturday night and Ye Olde Quindanning Inne the Sunday night. We need to know who is coming this week to firm up accommodation but so far on the list I have

    Meet point will be at the BP on Albany Highway near Church Street in Kelmscott and we will be leaving at 9am

    3 days (in order of importance )

    Cowkika, Cappa, Uni,
    Tim & Jodes

    2 Days (no discernable order here )

    Ms S


    If I book accommodation for you you will be paying for it whether you come or not this is why you all have until monday to firm up your plans.


    1st nights accommodation at Pemberton backpackers booked and confirmed. We have the same house that we had last time and we have it all to ourselves.

    Accomm costs are $30 each

    2nd nights accomm at The Quindanning Inne booked and confirmed. Accomm costs are about $40 each that night

    ************************************************** **

    As for the sooks saying that 9am is too early we are doing close to 600kms this day and unless you want to get in there after dark then 9am is the best time to leave.

    Joel and I did a run the other week and we averaged 100km/hr with fuels stops etc so with a larger group you can cut that a bit and i don't really want to be riding into Pemberton are at Dusk or afterwards. We also have to allow some spare time just in case.

    P.S. Uni has the right idea about early beers (and punch)

    Also we can go and climb the bicentennial tree if we get there before dark
    Men have motorcycles while women have menstrual cycles, you can't talk to either while they are on it. The women's also has a sound, it goes nag-na-nag-nag-nag, biiiiiitch-bitch-biiiiiiiitch!

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    i dont care as long as we get to stay in pemberton again that place rocked last time.


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      (but yes, what grand memories we have there)

      If we stay at the same place, we get a day without bags.. If we stay at two different places, we get to see/do more. Margs for the second night? I suppose it all depends on your planed route really. As always, I'm happy regardless of plan and I'm there no matter the amount of date changes..


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        *sigh* let me know when the date is secure LOL
        work may or may not allow me a long weekend after 2 weeks leave but hey, don't know if I don't ask right
        Will the Pemberton Backpackers let us come back? haha


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          i cant see that the backpackers wouldnt they have found memories of the first overnighter but as sir uni said where ever is cool ill be there.



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            In! Three days if I can swing it.....

            I don't mind if we stay in the one place or move around....... which ever gives us the most wriggly roads I suppose ^_^


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              This weekend suits me too although I'm not sure if I can get the Monday off work.


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                Ummmm in. Prob only for 1 night however.
                Also what is this Backpacker Punch? Is that where we get punched by a backpacker? If yes, am i allowed to hit back? (jokes).
                Punch and SC dont mix well. Goes straight to my head.....ekkk.....and a drunk SC is not a good thing.


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                  Backpacker punch and anyone makes for a interesting night and hangover next day


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                    Youre a bad bad influence cappa. Ill just take the interesting night with no hangover please.....oh wai, i dont think it works like that does it
                    Annual leave form just went in for the 2nd day. Hmmm although possibility of a change in jobs may make this change again


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                      Hrm I is verking - I will see what can be oranagatanged.


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                        'Hi, Im calling on behalf of Harro. He's extremely sick with some foreign lurgy so rather than attend work, he will be getting copious amounts of fresh country air to ensure that he is well enough for his next swing. Thanking you kindly. Bye.'


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                          Won't be making this, will be in the UK - bugga


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                            love it Sweetcheeks!
                            hehe backpacker punch ... makes for a very interesting, if messy evening followed by a sluggish start the next morning (yes, I'm being polite) BRING IT *LOL*


                            • #15
                              Damn DS....... you will be missed

                              Backpacker Punch?....... but I don't hold my liquor very well..... and riding the next day would be a complete write off *sigh*

                              There are now two reasons why I need to improve my skill levels:

                              1) So I am not the last person at intersections and therefore allowed to pee
                              2) Drink the night before and still have a fantastic riding day the next day


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